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You know how annoying it is to make meatloaf, and it comes out so utterly greasy?? Well, I have decided it was time to invest in the Perfect Meatloaf Pan. I’m so utterly glad I did.

I have always been loved for my meatloaves. Del has to be picky because he’s allergic to so many things I had to find a recipe that he could eat and enjoy. So, I went hunting for one not to long ago. The only problem was when I tried to cook it with my regular loaf pan, it took forever too cook and it was nothing but grease and didn’t taste to great in my book.

Del consented and let me get the Perfect Meatloaf Pan for Christmas. Let me tell you, I LOVE it!!!

pefectmeatloaf1IMG 0275

See how easy it is to get out of the pan. What makes it even nicer is the pan is easy to clean (right in the dishwasher!! No soaking needed!)
The recipe I use doesn’t call for much sauce on top. I use twice the amount of sauce it calls for on the top (that’s Del’s favorite part.) It’s not bad on calories, but the fat content is a bit high. If you eat other stuff with it that’s low in calories i.e. broccoli, it’s not a bad meal. The meatloaf is pretty filling by itself though. 🙂

I hope you ENJOY.  If you have one of them, tell me what you think of yours. They also say it’s great for using it for stuffed peppers too. Do you think you’ll try it???

By the way, I did buy this product on my own accord, and did this review solely because I love this product, and highly recommend it.
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  1. Now this sounds like something I need! My meatloaf always comes out greasy and I always have to drain the grease. Thanks for this review, it let me know that now I can make a less greasy meatloaf. #ProductReviewParty


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