How to Improve Your Company Sales

Okay, I’m partially venting, but I’m also passing on some of my professional experience I have gained over the course of my career life. I have ALWAYS been a top sales representative in every job I’ve been in where sales is a part of my criteria. Sales quotas are not an issue for me, but that’s because I pay attention to the customer’s NEEDS and WANTS.

For years now, customer service has been taking a TERRIBLE turn for the worse. I have been sorely disappointed lately. Del bought me my family ring that I’ve been wanting for ages now that we have been blessed with our final child. Well, when we ordered it the representative didn’t pay attention and put down the right ring size. So, my husband and I made a grand three hour drive that cost us $50.00 in diesel to go pick up my ring, only to find out they didn’t order the correct size.

I got highly mad, and made it very clear that they are going to get my ring to me at their expense. They had the nerve to say that since Del had got the insurance that the ring sizing wouldn’t cost me anything. I flat out told them regardless they were going to get it re-sized at their expense.

They were also supposed to tell him how much it would cost to have a necklace that he wants made.  Yet, they never called him with a quote. Del made it clear that he refuses to use that jewelry store again. (They have jewelry that I love most of the time that other jewelers don’t, and it was upsetting to me that I won’t have the option to use them again. However, I can’t blame him one bit for him feeling this way!!)

[tbpquotable]Here is a simple but powerful rule … always give people more than they expect to get. – Nelson Boswell[/tbpquotable]

All it boiled down to was poor customer service. If the original representative would have LISTENED he would have ordered the correct size. If the original representative would have followed through and done what he stated he was going to do with calling with a quote on the product my husband wanted, they would have gained him as a customer for life, even with the mistake made.

Many companies are hurting sales wise, and having to shut down several locations or really thinking about doing it…when honestly all it takes is a staff willing to take the time to tend to their customers’ needs. Yes, it’s part work ethics, but it’s also part just being a human being who cares about someone other than yourself!!! So many people are only after a paycheck, and forget that the customers are the reason why they have a paycheck to start with.

Here’s some major tips that will increase your sales:
1) Don’t delay in tending to your customers. Always acknowledge new customers in some form or fashion in a respectful manner to the customer your currently dealing with—Remember the manners your mother or grandmother always tried to install in you.

2) Listen to your customers wants and give them the best deal for their money. Then offer add-ons that may interest them based on the information they’ve given you.
3) Always assume the sale. You can make a great sale, but if you don’t show confidence in them wanting the product they aren’t going to have the confidence in getting it.
4) Get to know your customer in the process. If a customer feels like they are more than just a means of you making money and you honestly care about them, then they will be more interested in what you have to offer. The key with this one is be sincere! They will remember you and they will come back to you for future products. So remember their information because it will come in handy big time. Plus you will gain great friends and also they will do marketing for you.
5) This is the big one–be consistent. Always treat them the same, and give them the same level of service. Teach everyone on your staff to do the same things!

It doesn’t take much, but it does take you caring about someone other than yourself! Go the extra mile and I promise you that you will be the one gaining more. Even if all that you gain is the satisfaction of knowing you brightened someone’s day. Also, keep in mind that sometimes it is better to not make a sell if the customer really would be placed in a bind if they were to purchase an item than to make a commission off of someone else being naïve.

We need to get better at taking care of others. It will make our world a better place to live.

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