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Zeva has been a handful ever since she got her shots. Well, today while we were at a playgroup. It got me thinking about how differently Del and I raise our kids. Del is the extremely strict one, and keeps the kids completely in line all the time. Whereas me, I’m the one who keeps them in line to a point, but still let them have some of their spirit about them.
I also don’t do well dealing with Zeva’s tantrums in public at all. Del though has the magic touch in public. However, at home, I’m the one with the magic touch. I suffer with being the center of attention in public unless I’m 100% confident with what I’m doing. If I’m 100% confident, then I don’t care who’s eyes are on me. I’m not overly confident with dealing with babies because I haven’t had much interaction with babies. Hand me a kid 2 years or older, I’m golden.
I do fine at home with Zeva because I know if I mess up, I still have hubby and my mother-in-law next door to call on if I need them. I also don’t have a bunch of eyes on me wondering why I haven’t got the baby to be quiet yet.
Del and I were able to laugh about it after we got home and noticed the differences ourselves after we finally got her calmed down. However, it wasn’t a laughing matter while we were dealing with an extremely fussy baby. You know what finally calmed her down?? Her fish!!

IMG 0282
Once she saw her fish, she calmed right down. (We have eight other fish too, but she points out her fish every time. She gets excited too.)
She’s all happy again and sleeping well in her crib now. She gave me nothing but smiles and love when I fed her earlier. So, I don’t know what trigger her tantrum, but it definitely taught us a lesson. 🙂
Do you and your SO have special skills with the kids that the other does not have??




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