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This is a sponsored post by ProbioSlim, but that in no way shaped my opinion of this product. 

As you know I already feel like I have hormonal issues that keep me from losing weight. I was excited to try a new supplement to help me get started. ProbioSlim is made up of “advanced weight management ingredients.” The main reason I was intrigued and interested in this product was their main ingredient called LactoSpore, which is used to help my digestive system work better.

ProbioSlim turned out to be a wildly powerful little pill. The very first pill I took made me feel like I was going to never recover from taking it. I was in the bathroom all day. When I wasn’t in the bathroom, I was curled up on my bed whining like a baby. I felt like my stomach was going to explode. I literally felt like I had little things in my stomach attacking all of the nasty things in there.

That’s not the end all though! Del told me to ride it out because he knows I am desperate to find SOMETHING that will help me get this weight in check. We have tried so many avenues since I’ve been back with him. We’ve had only ONE doctor see that I’ve got a hormonal imbalance, but we couldn’t do anything about it because I was pregnant. Since we don’t have the world’s best medical insurance it’s not like I can go to every doctor under the sun to seek out help.

I will say that while taking this pill once I got through the rocky start, my body did start to get use to it. Considering I normally have irritable bowl movements, this pill did a remarkable job of regulating my digestion. I don’t have to spend as many hours in a day in the bathroom now. I literally have been able to enjoy reading in other places of the house now.

Now as far noticing any help with actually losing weight while using this product, it’s really to soon to say. I’ve only had the pleasure of using it for a solid week. I do feel lighter, but that’s probably because I’ve just gotten rid of the congestion. It’s nice not having that pain and irritation anymore. I do feel that over time I will notice a bigger change in my weight because I feel a bit more even tempered. I haven’t had a major low all week, which is a huge improvement. I also didn’t feel like I was going to explode either. It has helped me deal with my kids a bit better.

I have enjoyed having extra energy. It has allowed me to feel more alive. Since I feel more alive, I’ve had more time to get things done. I love being productive and feeling like I’ve accomplished a lot in a day when I call it a night. Don’t you?

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  1. Wow! that sounds dreadful but I am glad the ill effects of this pill were temporary and that you are feeling much better now. Hormone imbalances are no fun and some we women have to deal with all too often.. If you ever want to read about it, Dr. Sara Gottfreid’s “The Hormone Cure\” is a fabulous book!


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