The Real Fear of Flying

The SITS Girls have given us some writing prompts for post ideas for the month of July. We thought it would be fun to give them a try. After all, we’re all about sharing simply sharing our life with you. I hope you enjoy going a long for the ride this month with us. You can check out the rest of them under the SITSGirls prompts section of the blog.

I find this ironic that this question comes up today. Since my wife and I are planning to drive to Nashville, TN for a Dreamworks event that will covered on Tidbits of Experience and 3 Boys and a Dog at the beginning of August all because my wife physically can not handle flying.

My wife tried to fly to Ohio to visit her Dad when she was around 10 years old, but unfortunately for her, her ears never popped while she was on her plane ride. Instead she ended up with a major fever and lost her hearing for three weeks! She has since then been petrified to fly. Even doctors have informed her that unless it’s an emergency avoid it at all cost because she may lose her hearing altogether. For her the fear is real, and can be life altering for her to fly. She did it one other time since that event and that was when she thought she was going to lose her Mom to cancer before she had the chance to spend at least one more Christmas with her. She was scared to death the whole way there and back, but it was something she felt she had to do. Her ears barely popped on that trip in time.

It’s a good thing that driving for me is not a problem. Since I’m a truck driver driving cross county is nothing for me! I’ll take her to California in a heartbeat if we get offered the right deal to make it happen.

I personally though may be afraid of heights, but I love to fly. I love looking down at the city night lights and being up there in the clouds. If I could hop on a plane and go anywhere right now, I’d say I’d love to go to London. I would love to go explore what looks to be a beautiful city with lots of interesting parts to it. I don’t fly often at all anymore, and I may not do it again any time soon since I don’t go many places with my wife. However, it’s a relaxing event for me.

What about you, do you enjoy flying? 




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  1. I don’t mind flying but I also do not do it often. If I could go anywhere at the drop of a dime, then I would head to Australia!


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