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I have a fascination with prison shows and books. I guess it’s because I came so utterly close to throwing everything away due to my anger with my ex-stepfather. I know that good people can end up in prison. I also know that due to our crazy judicial system that there are also times when guilty people walk and not guilty people end up behind bars. I believe that’s my pull to these types of shows.

Prison Break is about a guy who purposely ends up in jail just so that he can plan an escape for him and his brother, who wasn’t guilty of the crime that has landed him on death row. Michael Burrows endures a LOT for his brother.

Meanwhile, there are rogue law officials doing a lot of illegal actions to try to cover up who really killed the governor. They are determined to keep the truth from coming out and also having Burrows pay the price for the crime he didn’t commit.

It’s an action packed series. I’m kept on my toes throughout each new show. I’m having to watch it in small spurts due to our limited Internet usage, but it’s well worth staying up late to watch it! I’m eager to see what happens.

I highly recommend you watch Prison Break. I’m also a fan of Orange is the New Black and Wentworth series.

What is your favorite series on Netflix?



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