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Arm's+Reach+Co Sleeper+Mini+bassinet+convertible
Every new parent knows how little and I mean little bit  of sleep you get when you have a baby. Zeva is going on 9 months old, and we finally got her into her own room. However, now she doesn’t want to sleep in her crib all night long. I am NOT a huge fan of co-sleeping with any baby. So I avoid it at all cost, but there comes a time I do cave and let her sleep with us. That definitely leads to a very restless night because I don’t go into that deep slumber that we all so long for everyday.
I wanted one of these for her, but it wasn’t an option. However, I still feel that any parent would greatly benefit from having this!! This would allow the baby to still sleep very close to you, but yet NOT in the same bed as you. Now that Zeva is crawling and walking around (provided she has something to hang on to) it may not work as well because she will still crawl on top of me or in between us. It would be worth a try to use it even at her age.
Yes, this is my 84 day Christmas Gift Suggestion.

Sleep is so worth the cost of this neat item!! I highly recommend you add this to any baby registry you may have or get it for any expecting parent.




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    • There are so many things I could recommend that you get!! Zeva is my third, and last child, and there are some items that have been truely life savers.

      You inspired my blog post for the day. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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