DIY Tips to Recycle and Reuse Old Items

Most of us give away or trash old and used items once they are done fulfilling their primary purpose. But how many of us get their creative mind behind the wheel and think of ways to reuse those items as something more useful? Well, not a lot, of course. You will be surprised to know how many ways there are to recycle and reuse home items without many efforts. The following are the top DIY tips and suggestions with which you can put those old products into new use:

Vintage spoons or ladles

Do you have any of those old spoons or ladles that you do not use anymore and have been thinking of selling them off? Well, rather than giving them away or letting them bite the dust, you can convert them into stuff-holders. All you need to do them is to twist them upwards so that when the handle is fixed to the wall, the hollow of the ladle can be used to place small items either in the kitchen or the bathroom.  For example, you can put lace small items like pins, thread rolls, etc. in them.

Old suitcase

Most of us have old bags lying around in the house which are of no more use.  Rather than trashing these old suitcases, one thing that you can do is to convert them into pet beds. This method will not only be a superb DIY idea but your pet will love you for it as well. All you need to do is to remove one side of the bed and make the other a comfortable setting by placing a pillow or bedding. To purchase new bedding or pillows, log on to to avail discount coupons for furnishing stores.

Old ladder


Are you a book lover who has no space to place their books and eventually the books just end up in the basement? Well, what you can do to get a new bookshelf is to use your old ladder. All you need to do is to take an old wooden staircase, hang it on the wall horizontally and then place your books between the legs of the ladder. For creating a better visual sight, you can paint the ladder or hang colorful items on the ends.

Tennis rackets

If you have old tennis or badminton racket lying around in the house, then what you can do is that you can turn them into wall mirrors. For this, you will need to get mirrors cut into the shape of ovals which can fit into the middle of the rackets. For a better effect, convert two of the rackets into mirrors and hang them diagonally.

Old picture frames

Everyone has too many old picture frames in the house but rather than dumping them; you can make a better use of them.  Well, insert a picture of a beautiful or flowery print them and use them as serving trays.

Old tea set

Most people give away their old tea sets to workers or maids, but an interesting way to reuse them is to convert them into bird feeders for your gardens or lawns. To do so, you can create a multilevel bird feeder by placing the plate on the lower level and the cup on the upper level. Join these using thin chains.

Tell me how you recycle and reuse old items?




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    • I’m glad you found some ideas that would be of interest to you. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. It’s always nice to have your company.

    • They do have some good deals. I love that you can earn rewards for being active on their site and doing things through them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I always enjoy your company.

    • I’m glad that you liked these ideas. I believe the birds in your yard will appreciate a new setting. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I also noticed you shared my post on a few social media outlets that means a great deal to me.

  1. I love trying to think up of ways to use old things before I throw them away. Unfortunately, i am not too creative, so thank goodness for the internet! I just wish more people would do the same. It’s a shame to see all the trash we make.
    I LOVE the idea about the picture frames into serving trays! Thanks for sharing!

    • I am not overly creative myself. Once in a blue moon I come up with some good creative ideas. I do need to get pictures of these things done. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  2. What a delightful read. I was familiar with most of these recycle projects minus using picture frames as serving trays! What a cool unique idea! You could also use them as trays to hold and display almost anything in the house on in any room! I myself have converted a larger picture frame with light wood “shelves” to hold and display my wooden rubber stamps in my craft room! I like your blogging style and look forward to your future posts!


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