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One of my wife’s love languages is receiving gifts. Therefore, when she is trying to shower me with love, she tends to get me little and sometimes really big gifts. There have been a few times where she’s come home with a stack of gifts for me that have made me fear how much she has put us in debt.

One of those gifts that she recently wanted to get for me was a set of brand new designer shirts. She is ALWAYS pointing out shirts that are worn by men on shows we watch together that she likes and wants to see on me. I just shake my head since I’m a simple man who loves my t-shirts and simple long sleeve shirts during the cold months. However, for her that is not enough because she wants to see me “spruced up.”

I have advised her on several occasions that designer shirts and shirts that she likes are quite costly. Plus I have nowhere in which to wear these great men’s designer shirts for going out. Of course, she is quick to say that I can take her out on a date and wear them.

That then leads to the conversation of her not having a fancy enough outfit to go with the new designer shirts she longs to see me wear. I’m smart enough to know that is her not so subtle way of saying that she needs new clothes again.

Since we watch Project Runway together on our date nights, the topic of men’s fashion comes up quite often. We keep hoping to see the contestants have to make something for men like me to wear. I want to see new designer fashion for the simple straight man to wear. I don’t see enough new men’s designer shirts on the market that much.

I have to admit that the designer shirts that my wife picks that she wants me to wear are actually quite nice looking, and I’d love to wear them that’s for sure. I would love to see a wide selection of updated looks for men.

Do you buy your husband designer shirts?





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