New Yorker Fedora: More Than Just a Hat

Hats – they keep you cool – both literally and figuratively.

A decent hat can protect you from the heat of the sun. It can keep you cool during hot days. A hat can shield you from the rain. A great hat can do all that – with the added bonus of making you look better. While they may just be an accessory, a good hat can turn your whole outfit up to eleven. And that is the best thing about hats; they never take away anything from an outfit, but they add a lot when worn.

Old School Cool

The classic fedora for example is a very iconic look. It is something straight from the days of yore – from the early twentieth century. Popularized in urban America, it was a status symbol for class and style.

The fedora was a staple in fashion of the 1920s. It was a time when mobsters, detectives, trench coats, and mystery cases were a mix of fiction and reality. In this era, it was very common for men to wear hats whenever they were outdoors. Men wear these hats to show class. They remove it as a form of courtesy and respect when meeting people. Men wore these fedoras as a message as well. It instantly shows off a person’s wealth and social status in one single item of clothing.

A Slice of New York

Today, the fedora is as famous as ever. The New Yorker Fedora for instance is a superbly made hat that you can wear at literally any event. Similar to the fedora’s function in the 1920s, the New Yorker is a staple for outside use. Whether it is a wedding, a graduation, a work party, or even just hanging out with friends, the fedora can blend in with any occasion. It can add flair to whatever you are wearing. For events that require a suit, wearing this New Yorker fedora can complete your ensemble.

new yorker fedora02

It is made of wool felt and has a leather sweatband to finish off the classy look. The New Yorker offers three different colors to choose from – namely black, brown, and grey. Match the color with your blazer, sports coat, or suit and you are all set to go. You can even match it with a simple shirt or jacket and you would still look dashing.

A Classic Look

Wearing one of these classic fedoras transports you back into a glorious time period. A fedora gives off a classier vibe than a normal cap. It can instantly add a bit of class and intrigue to your outfit. It takes you, and anyone who sees it, back in time. A fedora at your disposal gives you the aura and mystery that comes with noir cinema classics. With all these benefits, it would be a tragedy not to bring one along with you.

The New Yorker fedora is more than just a hat you wear. It provides a window to a different time; a time when class and sophistication were of prime significance.

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