Narrowing Down Your Options: Picking the Right Hotel for Your Family Trip

Trying to pick a suitable hotel that meets all of your family’s needs can be a bit overwhelming when you are presented with so many different options to consider beyond just the price of your stay.

If you can find some ways to narrow down those options it should be easier to find the right hotel, so, here are some suggestions for doing that, including listing your priorities, a way to look at pricing options, and breaking it down to get the accommodation that ticks the most boxes.

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Sorting and filtering

One of the first things to do when trying to arrive at a definite choice for your stay is to write down a list of priorities in order of importance to you.

If the cost of your stay is a primary consideration and you have a specific budget to work within for the trip, that needs to be at the top of your list.

Hotels like the Renaissance Phoenix by Marriott, for example, offer a range of amenities and options in terms of accommodation, so what you can do with most hotel listings is to combine what you definitely want to be included in the range of options and amenities so that you don’t end up paying for extras and facilities that you aren’t going to use while you are there.

Some websites allow you to filter the amenities, which means that you can narrow down the choice by finding hotels with a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, or whatever is considered a must-have on your list of preferences.

Proximity to attractions

If you have an intended sightseeing agenda it makes sense to pick a hotel that is either in close proximity to where you want to visit or offers you easy transportation access.

Sometimes, hotels near major attractions can command a premium price, but if you can pay less for a comparable hotel nearby and factor in travel costs, it can still work out cheaper.

Take the time to view a map of the area surrounding the hotel you are considering and check out what the travel network is like before you confirm your booking.

The difference between what you want and what you need

No hotel offers the same generic choice of amenities and options, thank goodness, but that means you have to consider what each one is offering to entice you is a deciding factor or not.

For some of us, the lure of a free breakfast included in the price is a determining factor, while others might really want free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel or in certain areas so that they can keep up to date.

Flexibility on check-in and check-out can also be relevant if it is important to your travel plans.

The main thing to remember is that if you take the time to list your priorities and start checking them off against your choice of hotels you stand more chance of staying in a place that does its best to fit your specific needs.




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