Easy There Self-Taught Lumberjack! Hire The Professionals

I once removed an apple tree from my backyard with the help of a few buddies. They provided their “Google expertise” and I provided pizza and beer. Long story short, the tree came down but so did our neighbors nearby fence. I ended up with a bill I was not expecting that weekend and my friends still got to enjoy free pizza and beer. A valuable lesson learned, don’t always try to go the cheap route!

I also could have been fined because according to fasttreeremovalatlanta.com, a tree that’s healthy and has a diameter of six-inches or more at Breast Height requires a permit for removal. Thankfully, my neighbor didn’t put in a illegal removal complaint against me. I guess all those apple pies we provided over the years did us some good!

It Will Cost You Less

I have first-hand experience on this one. Hiring a professional tree removal company will cost you less and especially if you’ve never done such a project before. A tree removal company will be able to remove a tree for cheaper than you would be able to on your own. After you consider the tools required and permits, you will likely be out of pocket far more than simply having hired a company do the tree removal service for you. And if you take into account possible accidents like a knocked over fence, things can get pretty pricey.

Another reason to go with the professionals is for insurance purposes. If you have a damaged tree or a tree that has caused property damage, most tree removal companies are able to work directly with your insurance provider. They can help you get reimbursed and you don’t have to handle most of the paperwork yourself. And in some cases, even the removal of the tree might be covered by insurance depending on the circumstances.

Fast and Effective

If you do it yourself, it can take you many hours or even days depending on how large the tree is. And once the tree is down, now you have to clean the mess and get rid of the actual tree. The professionals do this on a daily basis and are capable of avoiding causing damages to you property. Tree removal is generally done in a certain order or stages to avoid causing damage to your home, nearby power lines, gas lines, and so on. They come prepared with proper tools and safety gear to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

Expert Advice

Many of the tree removal companies are not only good at taking down trees but they also know a thing or two about how to take care of trees. They can provide you with expert advice on how to trim/prune your trees, how to prevent your trees from being diseased, general tree care, and they will even recommend which trees are best for your needs. Do you want a tree that is low-maintenance? Or perhaps a tree that provides lots of shade? All you have to do it simply ask them!

All I know is, I’m never removing a tree by myself again.




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