5 Tips for a Romantic Date

Are you going for your first date? Or are you planning to go on a date with your friend after a long time? A date without an element of romance is dull. Romantic date entails sitting down with your partner and connecting with him or her verbally and emotionally. It doesn’t matter where you plan to go – you can plan a great date at home or go out to the beach. It just has to be romantic! So if you haven’t already planned for your lovely evening, here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Don’t be over-excited on your first date: We know that you are so infatuated and intoxicated by your friend! But that doesn’t mean that you become nervous and start muttering nonsense during the meeting. You don’t want to give “lost in love with you” looks. Stay in control of yourself while admiring him. Throw in a bit of humor to show that witty self of yours. If you go on a date, go out on your way. Don’t fool around. You have to respect your partner’s feelings and also express yours in an honest way.

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2. Plan a perfect evening: If you are going on a date with your long-time partner, how about throwing a surprise? A surprise may include a picnic at your favorite spot, covering your bed with rose petals and enjoying a romantic movie together, arranging a spa at home, renting a yacht and sailing together or just paddling a boat at a nearby lake. If planning this perfect evening means starting early and making plans in advance, then you better get started.

3. Romantic beach date: Beach is a place where you get relieved of stress. Perhaps it’s the way the waves crash on the shore and take away your stress when they recede or it’s the distant seagulls that caw above the water and playfully watch you. Going to the beach is the ultimate dating idea. However, you should consider going at sunset. Sunset amps up the romance factor. Hold hands and walk together along the water until the yellow ball has disappeared. Don’t go without food. You can pack simple sandwiches, cold drinks or beer. Find a place to sit and enjoy your food, and don’t forget to click snaps.

4. Romantic date at home: Romantic dates don’t have to be expensive. If finances are a concern, do not strain your budget. Consider simple dinner that you have cooked at home. You can do away with the expensive wines or gifts. Remember it’s the effort that has to show more that the cost. Choose something flattering to wear. You can choose something your partner likes or something that brings back a special memory. Don’t forget to play romantic background music, as it will relax the tempo.

5. Going to a restaurant: Even though you are comfortable in the eatery of your choice, it would be great idea to choose a place your partner likes. If this is not an option, choose a place where you can get quality food in your budget. Whatever place you choose, it should have romantic ambiance and you shouldn’t feel awkward when talking to each other.

The romantic dates should end on a beautiful note, with cherished memories to savor in the future. Although there is a lot of planning involved, don’t worry if there is a moment of spontaneity involved. Most importantly enjoy your partner’s company.




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