My Dog Deserves #NaturalDogFood Only

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We had the perfect dog. She was truly the best. She was my sidekick. You saw me, and you saw her. However, after Zeva came along, she showed her major dose of jealousy streak. Nothing I did seemed to calm her down or get her to back off of trying to fend Zeva off of me. She got aggressive towards Zeva as a result. Unfortunately, much to my broken heart’s desires, she had to find another loving home. She is now with a little boy who adores her as much as I do, and is equally as spoiled.

I had her since she was 7 weeks old. I begged the people who sold her to let her go a week early because I didn’t want to wait another minute to have it after I met her. I honestly believed in the whole “imprinting” thing when I met her because she captured my heart the minute I held her. I spoiled her rotten because I had literally because she was my companion as I was getting over losing my Mom to cancer in June 2010.

I made darn certain she had the best of everything. I didn’t get her hair cut that often because I loved her long hair, but I made darn certain it was brushed everyday sometimes more than once. She got a bath at least three times a week. She had her special allergy medicine that she had to take too. We loved her and treated her like a part of the family, like 83% of the rest of the nation.

Had I know about Wellness® Complete Health®, I would have used it to provide the best nutrition for her. She would have loved the flavor and I would have loved the health benefits it would have given her.

Some of the benefits to Wellness® Complete Health® Recipes Include:

    • Live Active Probiotics-Added after the cooking process to promote a healthy intestinal tract and overall digestive health at guaranteed levels
    • Essential Vitamins and Minerals- Designed for cellular health, immunity and disease resistance
    • Fruit and Veggie Antioxidants-A proactive step in improving your pet’s nutrition.

In fact Wellness is so confident that they are providing the best nutrient for your dog that they have created a helpful “Check Your Bag” website so that you can compare your current dog food brand to theirs. It is actually quite an eye opening experience to see the vast differences in what each dog food has in it.

Peppermint was a gem of a dog, and I’m still on my quest to find another family dog to spoil. However, I have not had one capture my heart like she has yet. Whatever dog I do get will receive nothing but the most #naturaldogfood available. I have a feeling we’ll end up being like 20% of dog owners and end up with two dogs at least once I find my special canine companion. After all, we’ll have to have one for the kids to share too.

Another benefit to being a Wellness® Complete Health user is that they offer a Naturally Well Pet Community, which is a free online program complete with free tips, contests, and savings offers. I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the hunt for more savings in my bank account. Plus the resources available are well worth joining the community for. Did you know that April 20th-26th is National Pet ID Week?

Peppermint will always be mine in my heart. I miss her dearly every day. I highly recommend you check out Wellness website. If you want to purchase nothing but the best dog food for your companion you can use their store locator to find your closest location.

Connect with fellow animal lovers on their Facebook and Twitter pages too, and jump right into the conversations about the reasons why we love our pets and the neat things they do to make our lives better.

Do you spoil your dog with #naturaldogfood?




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18 comments on “My Dog Deserves #NaturalDogFood Only”

  1. My dog gets Just 6 by Rachael Ray. It’s what I can afford at this time. She also gets probiotics and joint remedy supplements. She’s almost 14 yrs old.

  2. My animals are on a all natural food and their treats are too. It is quite expensive but well worth it!

  3. Love your story of Zeva–reminds me of my own sweet Millie. Millie is actually the only pet I’ve had, so I’m learning as we go. I’ve actually been concerned with the health of her diet lately, so thanks for this great post!

    • Peppermint was a sweet dog. We just now finally got another dog that the entire family is growing to love completely. He was an abandoned dog, but he’s turning into a HUGE sweetheart. Zeva, my daughter, can do anything with Thor that she wants and he just loves her for it.

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