Movin’ on Up: A Life in Transition

Sometimes we get that once in a lifetime chance to do something amazing.

That moment like landing a dream job or finding someone special.

It tears at us because we’re afraid to make the leap, especially if it means moving across the country. We affirm ourselves that everything is okay and that it would be a disaster if we didn’t take the opportunity.

Yet, a lot of us never go for it and years later we’re left wondering “what if?”

This post is for those on the edge of their decision; an affirmation of taking that leap. It will carry what needs to happen so that you may realize this incredible chance.

Finding the Place

Uprooting and heading out to greener pastures can become a considerable time and money sink if it’s not planned accordingly. Plus, the longer you’re on the road – piloting a moving truck you’ve barely adjusted to – the higher chance of danger. North American Van Lines is a good starting place to plan your cross-country move.

Professional services save time & money by providing the appropriate help, insurance, and expertise when navigating the road. You could combine this with shipping your car while you head over with a domestic flight.

Before you go, you should look up home/apartment rentals with sites like:


Else, look for a roommate using Facebook or listings on Craigslist.

While you’re doing the search, you should consider the crime rates, local events, median job income, and proximity to things you enjoy. Might as well enjoy the place while pursuing your dream, right?

Finding the Job

Perhaps you’re doing the big move because of a job or maybe you’re coming in fresh. Either way, it’s good to have a job lined up for when you get there (or at least interviews scheduled out).

A good course of action would be to:

  1. Touch up your resume and ask for references
  2. Study interview and negotiation tactics to go in hot 3. Use two or more job search sites to compare what’s out there
  3. Follow up with prospects and reach out with social media
  4. Show up well-dressed and nail the interview

It may take some time before you find a job/career in your area of study. There’s no shame in floating with odd & part-time jobs if it means you can pay the bills. Just make sure to set enough time to pursue these greater options so you’re not stuck in a rut – having replaced the old place with the new.

Finding Yourself

The best part of moving is all the new experiences you’ll get to do and the people you’ll meet. It’s difficult making new friends when you’re older, but it’s possible with the right attitude and environment. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet your significant other or new best friend!

There are plenty of places to meet people while you’re exploring the new location:

  • Company events
  • Local meetups
  • Hobbyist groups
  • Sports activities
  • Clubs & gatherings

Online is a good starting point, too, such as Reddit’s /r/r4r,, or Facebook groups.

At the same time, you should use this new area to pursue personal goals and get outside of your comfort zone. Attend something you’d never catch yourself at or get involved with a local charity. Try new foods or pick up an interesting hobby.

This is the prime turning point to the new you.

Embrace the Opportunity

It’s rare to be given a golden opportunity; many squander it, but to each their own. Circumstances may feel as if they’re holding you back, but many of them are your personal anxieties.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you up: Embrace it, go for it, and live it.

You’ve (now) got the resources to help you get there… what’s holding you back?

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