The Pros and Cons of an Open Plan Home

Having an open plan home is just a dream for some and for others it’s a reality. But if you’re thinking of changing the floor plan of your home, it’s probably best to think about the pros and cons of making such a drastic change.

Open floor plans give you more light, a larger entertainment space and makes small rooms seem larger. Nonetheless, as is the case with any home remodeling design, there are certain disadvantages and advantages that come with an open floor plan as well, so lets have a look at just a few of them, here.

The Cons


Many designers would agree, that it’s not always easy to maintain that “homely” feel when you change to open plan. One of the many aesthetics that you lose would be your doors. Doors close off the mess and the noise of everyday living, not to mention that beautiful internal doors can add a touch of class or character to any home.

Noise Levels

Sadly, if your home is a busy one, it can be tricky to escape the noise from cooking, washing up, music or the tv if you’re all in one room together. So it may not be ideal if you’re hoping to get a few minutes to yourself every now and then.


Now this can be a problem when the space is more minimal and open plan. With everyone using the same room for lots of different activities, things may get a little hectic. Combine that with the noise levels and things might get a little stressful…


Many people mumble about how cooking smells permeate the air when someone is making dinner, or even if someone accidentally burns their toast. If this sounds like you, then maybe an open plan living and kitchen area isn’t for you.

The Pros

Easy Living

A big open plan kitchen, dining and living space gives you the opportunity to coexist with your family and friends in a sociable, relaxing way. Entertaining has never been so much fun, you get to chat to your guests whilst you cook, and they get to mingle in a fabulous setting.


Natural light makes you feel good. It brings a sense of optimism into any room. Well, open floor plans allow for more natural light to travel throughout the house.
Once those big walls are removed, natural light from the big window in the living room or smaller windows in the kitchen come to together to light up the room every day!

Optimum multitasking

The open floor plan is a dream come true for parents across the country. Oftentimes, children are playing in the other room as you prepare dinner or meet a tight deadline for work. Well, those parents of young children will love open floor plans because it allows for optimum multitasking.

You can safely watch your two-year-old walk around and still finish work on your new kitchen island. By having the kitchen and living room combined, the world of multitasking opens up.

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