Twin Bedroom Transformation

My twin boys have shared a room since they were born. When they graduated from their toddler beds into big boy beds recently, we decided to give their bedroom an entire “big boy” makeover.

We let the boys get in on the action and help choose the decor. This helped get them on board with the effort (which also involved going through their toys and choosing “little kid” items to donate in order to make room for the newer stuff they’ve received for birthdays and Christmas over the past year or so). It was also important because it’s their room and their responsibility, and we want them to start treating it as such.

We decided to go online to to check out their children’s furniture because we knew we’d find a bigger selection and much better prices than at any brick-and-mortar store.

Choosing the Best Bed

A bunk bed was the natural choice for two reasons. First, they take up a lot less space than two individual beds. Second – hello! – kids love bunk beds. The boys were ecstatic when they found out they’d get to have one. There was a bit of a verbal tussle over who would get the top bunk, but we worked that out by flipping a coin to see who would get it first and agreeing that the two would switch off each week. Problem solved.

We went with a gray Build-a-Bunk because of its clean lines and cool basket and shelves that provide a bit of extra storage.

“Big Boy” Room Accents

Getting an entire bed up and off of the floor gave us a bit of extra space to throw in some cool accents that we knew the boys would love. For one, we bought a huge beanbag chair big enough for them to lounge and wrestle on. The boys love anything robot-related, so they went crazy when they saw this cool Robot of Steel metal lamp.

It can’t be all fun and games, though. We had to come up with a creative way for them to keep their room organized better. We opted for a cube organizer – a bookcase-style system that holds those fabric cube bins. With each bin designated for a different type of toy, we hope we’ll be on the way to a room that’s not only more updated, but also cleaner. (Hey; a mom can hope, can’t she?)

I’m sure the “organized” part will take time, but for now, the boys’ room is looking great. From the reasonable cost to the fantastic transformation, the result has been happy parents and two very happy little boys.



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