Top 5 iPad Games for Preteen Boys

Mommy longed to have a Kindle Fire back and she was unhappy with her mini iPad. She enjoys using her tablets for reading books primarily and according to her the iPad is not made for that while she’s outside with us. I am glad she wanted to trade because now I can play games I really enjoy on the iPad. I’m an avid gamer like my Daddy. These are my CURRENT five iPad games I play.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition – Mojang –  Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures.

Fallout Shelter – Bethesda Softworks LLC – This is a game made for loyal Fallout fans such as my Dad and I. We get to make our own cities and characters. We also get to defend them against other forces too.

Boom Beach – Supercell – This is a game of strategy. You have to protect your part of the beach from intrusions of others who try to steal your stuff.

The Blockheads – Majic Jungle Software – Block Heads is a lot of building shelters and other things. It is my mission to dig for gold and gems. I need to strive to survive. If you choose you can also play multiplayer online.

Driver Speedboat Paradise – Ubisoft – This is a boat racing game that I got to review thanks to Ubisoft. It was not my typical game that I would get normally, but I do enjoy playing this racing game. It reminds me of Need for Speed, but in boat form.

Those are my favorite games right now. As you can tell, I enjoy building things and having to protect things that I make.

What iPad games does your preteen/teenager like playing?




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I'm Johnny. I have a loving family with parents Dale and Crystal, and friends! My favorite fitness activity is rock climbing, but I love playing video games with my parents too. Science is one of my favorite subjects in school because it's so interesting to me. One day I hope to become an astronaut!

10 comments on “Top 5 iPad Games for Preteen Boys”

  1. It is ridiculous, but I only play Bejeweled and sudoku on my iPad. Ouch!
    My cat has his games too and I think he has more fun than I do. 😛
    I’m here from #FridayBlogBooster.

    • My Dad likes Sudoku. We all love Bejeweled. Have you played Bejeweled 3 yet? It’s a lot of fun. Cats love to have fun. I like cats a lot.
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog post.

  2. Thanks for the Game tips. My main game on the pad is Real Racing, like most games it can be a bit addicting. I like to think of how it is sharpening my mind and coordination LOL.

    • I play a lot of educational games on my iPad and computer too. My mom insists for every game I play for fun, I have to play another one that’s educational for the same amount of time. I love learning through games.
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    • I wish I could play online with your daughter, but I can’t due to our Internet data caps. Thank you for reading my blog post.

  3. Thanks for sharing these games, the look like ones any boy would love! Thanks for joining the Link-It To Me link party, I hope you will join us again next week!

  4. Jimmy, it’s refreshing to read reviews written by a real kid’s perspective instead of an adult translating how they think their kids enjoyed a product or service! I used to play games more when i had some more time, but I still enjoy reading what’s current that I’m missing out on, LOL.

  5. My girls (7 & *8) are obsessed with Minecraft. And I have been playing Boom Beach for a while. Great apps. Do you include any educational types of apps as well?


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