Merits of Short-term Loans

Instant, fast, and short-term loans can be termed to refer to a type of credit obtained to support a temporary business capital or personal need. These types of loans entail repayment of the principal amount with an addition of interest fee as per agreement. Technology has seen the innovation of applications that facilitate the provision of fast online credits. Online loan such as has eased the borrowing processes compared to other traditional loans.

Short-term loans from credit lines are valuable options. Borrowing short-term loan amounts are suitable for small businesses, start-ups, and unforeseen personal emergencies. Varying credit platforms offer a variable range of amounts ranging from $100 to $100,000. The eligibility to access the fast loans may vary depending on credit history and repayment terms. Most short-term loans need to be paid off within six months to 18 months. The short term loans are essential and owe advantages such as;

  • Easy to acquire: The requirements needed to receive the loan are easy to meet. For small businesses and temporary personal needs, short-term loans are termed lifesavers. Borrowers can receive small amounts without strict credit scores.
  • Improve cash flow: Sometimes, the businesses undergo a low intake of profits, but with access to short-term loans, you can get rid of shutting down.
  • Shorter time for incurring interest: Compared to long-term loans, short-term credits integrate lower total interest payments.
  • Quick funding time: The short-term loans involve a shorter maturity date hence considered less risky. The application and approval process is simple. Therefore, the borrower can obtain the required funds fast.

Types of Short term loans

Online Loans: They are also known as installment loans. 

They are relatively easily accessed via online applications. Upon approval, the loan is wired to the borrower’s bank account.

Line of credit: This involves the lender setting a credit limit in which the business taps into as needed. The amount borrowed is repayable in monthly installments, with variance in how much the borrower has accessed. The line of credit loans charges a lower Annual percentage Rate(APR).

Payday loans: These incorporate easy to obtain short-term emergency loans. The credits borrowed from payday platforms entail loan amounts, high-interest rates, and they must be paid in one lump sum when payday arrives. Payday lenders take out repayments from borrowers’ bank account under continuous payment authority. Borrowers can carry out applications via online loan platforms or by visiting a physical payday store.

Merchant cash advance: This is a type of cash advance that operates as a short-term loan. The borrower receives the borrowed amount while the lender accesses the borrower’s credit facility. The lender gets a certain percentage upon customer purchase until the loan is repaid.

Invoice financing: The credits are transacted using business account receivables. The borrower receives the required amount while the lender charges interest based on the time the invoices remain outstanding.


Borrowing money is the quickest means to access funds. Short-term loans are imperative credit sources to solve sudden cash flow issues. A business may be seeking extensive expansion; hence the owner may opt for short-term loans to achieve growth.



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