5 Thoughtful Gestures That Show You Care

Gifts that show you’ve listened

We all have that friend, or romantic interest, who is difficult to buy for. They either say they don’t want anything (they do), or that they have everything they want, or they have practically no interests that you know anything about. However, that last part is your way in.

This is something general, yet specific to the person. When they talk about their interests, especially if you don’t share them, it’s important to show you’re taking in what they’re saying and make them feel as though their company is appreciated. Gifts don’t have to be flashy, so just picking out something related to something they’ve expressed interest about to you recently is something that will go a long way in your relationship with them. Romantic or otherwise. Remember what you’ve been told, and follow up on it.

Plan a picnic

Not only is planning incredibly sweet and shows confidence, it’s also a good way to someone’s heart. The idea may seem tacky at first, yet it’ll make someone’s face flush with feelings all the same. Firstly, it can be a surprise where you take them, which fills people full of wonder and mystery if you’re into that. Secondly, having a meal in a public place such as a park gives the feeling of safety just in case it’s a first date.

Snacks are the way to almost anyone’s heart. Time to grab a blanket, possibly even a picnic basket, and make some sandwiches for the main event. Picnics are also a good opportunity to venture into another culture’s cuisine, or perhaps squeeze in your date’s favorite food if it fits the occasion.

Give a massage

Back and foot pain are real first world problems, and a massage goes a long way to helping with it. There’s a large difference between performing a massage properly compared to improperly, and the person in ownership of the back or feet will be able to tell.

You don’t have to go all out, but there is the option of going halfway there. Weekend long adult educational courses are available if the Swedish massage, or the Table Thai massage tickles your fancy. YouTube tutorials are available for the smaller stuff, if your friend is just in need of a shoulder touch up. What’s great about massages besides them being quite easy to pick up (although very difficult to master) is that they are thoughtful as well as sensual if that’s your angle. The physical contact is a solid way to get the moves on, and put your romantic interest in the mood for something more as long as you can read their body language correctly.

Remembrance flowers

Flowers are a solid bet, as they symbolize a variety of positive messages, including beauty and healthy livelihood. Despite what people may say, any gender will be appreciative, provided they don’t dislike flowers of course.

Specifically, remembrance flowers are quite wholesome, and there are a plethora of types of flowers you can get which aren’t roses. For example, the papaver poppy or some sword lilies are a solid bet. Throw ‘em in a vase with [not too much] water and perhaps even leave a little card with them to spice things up. Flowers may not exactly be a new shiny car, but they’re something small that says you care a big amount. After all, it truly is the thought that counts and you’ll make them feel special without breaking the bank.

Leaving notes for them to find

Even the smallest gestures can mean the world to someone. Notes work great alongside gifts, but can also work well on their own because they’re small surprises in the most unsuspecting places that can remind your loved ones how much you care about them with perhaps just a few words.

Sometimes people need a little pick-me-up when the going gets tough, largely in long distance relationships or any other reason you may be apart from your friends or partners. Leaving notes with simple reminders of affection are principle to provide that warm fuzzy feeling when you need it the most, and cost nothing save for a little love.



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