How To Maximize On Space In Smaller Bathrooms

Everyone deserves a luxurious bathroom, somewhere you can enjoy a refreshing bath, no matter how big or small it is. If you’re re-designing your space and you’re in need of some space-saving tips, read on…

Swap the shower curtain

Shower curtains can often make a space feel claustrophobic. These large, cumbersome sheets shut off areas of a bathroom and make them feel far smaller. By swapping it for glass, it will make the eye travel further when you walk in a room, and instantly make it feel much bigger. This is particularly effective with wet room sections, where there is only a single pane of glass to separate the area.

Wall-mounted units

If you have a smaller bathroom footprint, picking up furniture that’s of a functional size but that doesn’t come too far into the room can be an issue. Your first port of call for fixtures and fittings should therefore be wall-mounted units. This is particularly effective with sinks and toilets, as all the pipework, cisterns and so on are concealed completely behind the wall, opening up the room a lot more. The same can be said for storage units, and it has the added advantage of making the floor much easier to clean.

Recessed storage

If your wall units are still simply too imposing on a room, there is another method you can try, and that’s recessing. On the one hand, this can mean that you make use of a recessed wall in your bathroom that’s otherwise dead space, by having a tailored storage unit fitted into the area. On the other hand, it could mean that you cut a space into the wall for housing toiletries beside the bath or other bathroom essentials. You can either leave it open as a style feature, or put a glass door on the front to keep anything breakable closed off.

Be clever with lighting

If you have a good height to your bathroom, make the most of it by adding some embellishment on the ceiling. A statement chandelier piece, whether traditional or modern, will draw the eye skyward as soon as you walk in, and make the space feel much grander. If you’re limited on ceiling height, go for spotlights that will help to lift it. Natural light is always needed in a bathroom, so install a larger window if you can or a sky-light, again helping to boost ceiling height. If you’re stuck for natural light, use soft, recessed lighting so the room doesn’t feel shorter.

Don’t forget to double-up

Finally, if you can’t fit a shower and bath into your bathroom, don’t forget that you can always have a combination. These aren’t the style-limited pieces of old either; these days, you can get luxury suites that offer all the comforts of high tech baths and showers. If you prefer a long soak to a shower, go for a P-shaped bath (click here to see a selection) so you get a little extra space at the top, without encroaching on the rest of the room.

What are your space-saving tips?

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