Things I Learned Choosing a Modern Bathroom Sink

Before you buy

When you are getting ready to buy your modern pedestal sink be sure to take measurements in order to determine what size the sink should be to best fit your space. What is the width and depth that you have to work with, and find out whether you have enough room for the widest part of the basin.

It would be smart to leave some space on both of the sides, and also between the sink itself and the wall. You should consider the scale of the sink in relation to the size of the overall space. The sink should not overpower the design of the bathroom and vice versa. You can find a guide to choosing a sink here to help you make the right choice.

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If you are going to replace a built-in vanity sink with a pedestal sink, always ensure that there will be a finished wall, proper flooring, and the right trim behind the closed structure because otherwise, the project may turn out to be much larger, and costlier than you may have initially anticipated. You should also take the time to confirm that the wall is strong enough for the support of the basin.

Please be sure that the sink you choose is compatible with the selection of the faucet. For the most part, sinks commonly come with a previously drilled setup; including either a 4 inch (center set) or between 8 to 12 inches in distance between the hot tap handle and the cold tap handle. There is also a single hole drilled into the center to accommodate that type of faucet setting. You sure practice due diligence to make sure that you are ready to purchase the right sink for your bathroom.


Selecting a style

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A pedestal sink is made up of two pieces: (1) the sink basin, and (2) the pedestal column under the sink basin. The basin is normally partially supported by the wall that is attached to, as well as by the pedestal. The pedestal is also there to hide the plumbing. You can see the style and sink differences.

You should also know that a washstand usually has a hard surface as a counter top. Countertops are usually made of marble or granite, which is completely up to you to choose. The sink is also customized. Some other sink styles create a scenario in which the top rests on two legs and a front crossbar for are there for bath towels. Normally, the unit is mounted to the wall, and the plumbing is exposed underneath. With a sink like this you just need to think of creative ways to increase bathroom storage options (which isn’t difficult) but the sinks can make everything look more modern.

Another style is a console, which features a sink, and surround top, made of porcelain. The porcelain is supported by four legs, and it often has a built-in backsplash for aesthetics. This console offers an old-world feel.

There are many styles of modern sinks to choose from, so you can go about this important decision in many different ways. Just remember to take the necessary steps before you make a buying decision.

Some helpful sites are available to help you choose a modern pedestal sink, and you can see some modern bathroom examples. The most important lesson is that a healthy dose of research will go a long way to your long term happiness with your bathroom. You will have a bathroom that will keep you happy, and avoid looking for more changes in the near future.

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