How to Create the Perfect Craft Room

The concept of a craft room is no longer one that’s seen as reserved exclusively for the wealthy. In fact, an increasing number of people are adding crafting spaces and entire rooms to their home, and it’s one of the most in-demand areas real estate agents are seeing with new buyers as well.

If you have the space in your room, whether it’s an unused nook or an actual room, you too can create a picture-perfect craft room that will be perfect for your own projects, as well as for use by your kids when they want to get creative.

Below are some of the essential tips you should know when you get started on this home design project.

Choose a Great Table

The foundation of any good craft room is the table. The table will serve as the visual focal point most likely and will be where all of the fun projects are completed. You should choose an expansive table—as large as the room will reasonably allow for. Look for a table that is also very durable, and a material like wood or metal will likely work best.

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You should aim for a table with some height, but if you can’t find one that matches what you’re looking for, you can extend the height of your table with something like PVC pipe added to the legs.

If you have younger kids that will also be enjoying the craft room, you might consider adding a smaller table in the room as well, and well as shorter shelves and storage systems that they can easily reach.

Have Plenty of Organization

When you’re designing a craft room for your family, you also want to make sure you have plenty of furniture that can be used for storage. Look for spacious shelves that are deep enough to have room for a variety of organizers to be placed on them. You might also want to think about furniture that will allow you to hide your crafting items behind something like a set of doors.

When you organize your items, you want to label them clearly, so everything always has a home.

Add a Drying Rack

Many of your family’s creations are likely going to need time and space to try, so account for this when you’re designing as well. You might visit a second-hand store to find an old newspaper or magazine rack, which you can repaint and use as your drying rack. Another option is to hang string across a wall and using something like clothespins to hang items.

Use an Outdoor Rug

Rugs can add warmth, style, and color to a space, but you might be nervous to use a rug where there will be so many messy going-ons. A good solution is to opt for an outdoor rug. Outdoor rugs tend to be more durable, but you still get all of the style and color you’re looking for. Plus, outdoor rugs can easily be, as the name implies, taken outside when it’s time to wash them off. Often cleaning an outdoor rug is as easy as hosing it off.

With these tips, you can easily get your craft room up and running and have the perfect family oasis right in your home.



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