Looking After Your Employees In A Global Pandemic

The year 2020 will go down in history as the time when we were all forced to adjust to a new normal. The coronavirus pandemic has struck the world and shocked nations into lockdowns and emergency measures. This has not just hit the health of the world but also the economic climate. Jobs are more unstable than ever and industries are struggling to cope with a sudden downturn in revenue. As a business, you need to ensure that your venture can survive. However, as an employer, you need to look after your staff team and take on a more pastoral role. Take a look at how you can care for your employees during a global pandemic.

Remote Working

It’s crucial that you embrace the new way of working that businesses across the world are having to move towards. Remote working is often frowned upon by startups as they feel that their staff will be less productive should they be allowed to work at home. However, working from home is a real comfort for those staff members who worry about the health repercussions of a pandemic. You need to foster a productive environment remotely by embracing the virtual world. Communicate with your team through Teams and Skype and still run your Monday morning briefing, send out the end of the week email on a Friday, and host meetings regularly throughout the week. This sense of normality can be reassuring to your team.

Make it clear that remote working is here to stay. Empower your colleagues to raise questions and work from home while still producing high quality work. Give them the opportunity to contribute to the business vision and dish out the positive praise when it is due. Namechecking those workers who have gone above and beyond shows that you still value your team even during a time of international crisis.


Some people find it difficult to work from home and yearn to be back in the office. While working in the office will never be quite the same again, you can open up your premises if it is safe to do so. Ensure that you take a look at the offerings from a company like Simply Business and ensure that all of your insurances are up to date. This is crucial to give your staff team peace of mind should they return to the office and suffer an accident at work. Have hand sanitizer stations throughout the workplace and ensure back to back working. Hot desking needs to become a thing of the past and you must have a one way system in place throughout the office. While it can be tricky, a rota will ensure that the office never gets too crowded.

Be flexible in your approach to working. Every employee will have different concerns about the global pandemic and you need to listen. They may be concerned about their roles, worried about their families, and in need of working from home. As long as their role is fulfilled, be flexible in allowing them to work as and when to get their job done to a high standard. This will boost morale and keep your team motivated even when the world is feeling more surreal than ever.

As a boss, it can be challenging to take on a pastoral role. However, follow this guide, and your staff will feel cared for and valued.




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