6 Ways To Free Up Time As A Lady Boss

Are you the lady boss of your very own business? If so, you’re probably very busy. With employees to manage, projects to initiate, products or services to sell, and a myriad of other tasks on your to-do list, you might struggle to find much time for yourself in the day.

Running a business is tough, even though it does have its rewards. As the person in charge, it can be even tougher, as you need to keep everything running smoothly to rival the big companies and make a profit. But you do need to find ways to free up time in the day. Your health matters, and if you’re forever buzzing around like a busy bee and flapping your imaginary wings way past clock off time, you are going to burn yourself out. 

The question, of course, is this: How can you free up time? 

Well, here are a few suggestions.

#1: Use the tools at your disposal

There are apps and pieces of software for nearly everything these days, including those tasks that pertain to your business. They can eliminate time-wasting manual processes, and quite possibly reduce the possibility of mistakes too. From apps that can manage your business finances to software such as Sling that labels itself as employee scheduling made easy, there is much you can purchase to help you with the running of your business.

#2: Say ‘no’ more often

Do you need to attend every meeting you’re invited to? Do you need to take on every client that comes to your door? While your answer might sometimes be ‘yes,’ you do need to remember the constraints of your time. Some meetings won’t add much to your day, so it’s perfectly acceptable to give your apologies if you’re busy. And if you are already juggling a large number of clients, you don’t want to diminish the quality of your work by taking on too many, especially if you’re burdened with deadlines. Sometimes ‘no’ is the best response, even though it might be against your better instincts.

#3: Avoid common distractions

The more distractions you have in your working day, the less opportunity you will get to complete your work on time. You might have to work overtime as a result, or you might have to add the day’s uncompleted tasks to the next day’s schedule. These are both scenarios that you want to avoid, so cut out any distractions that could hinder your day. Turn your phone off if it is causing you a problem, block sites such as Facebook until your day’s work is done, and let people know that you aren’t to be disturbed when you have things to do. By taking such steps, you might just manage to finish everything on your to-do list.

#4: Outsource

There will be some tasks that you will excel at, but others where your skills may be a little weak. For the latter, you might take up more time than you should, especially if you struggle and make mistakes with whatever it is you have to do. So, consider outsourcing such tasks to others. Not only will this free up your time, but your business might benefit if the outside firm puts in quality work. So, think about those tasks that slow you down, and if you think your business will benefit with outside help, consider the option.

#5: Practice self-care

During your working day, do whatever it takes to look after yourself. Eat a healthy breakfast and pack a nutritious lunch. Take breaks throughout the day and rest intermittently. Find ways to fit exercise into your schedule, perhaps by walking or cycling to your place of work and by going on short walks during some of your breaks. The consequence of such actions is better productivity, as you will have more energy to work. 

#6: Delegate to your employees

If you’re busier than your employees, and if they have time on their hands, why not pass some of what you have to do onto them? It might be that certain tasks are more befitting of their job descriptions than yours anyway, so you should delegate when it’s appropriate. And for those tasks that don’t fall into their remit, it might be that you still delegate them, as it will show your team that you trust them. They might even welcome the challenge of something new as it will give them extra experience. 

So, don’t run yourself into the ground. Don’t burn yourself out. For the health of yourself and of your business, do what you can to free up time. It is possible, despite your busy schedule!




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