Are You Holiday Dress Ready For The Upcoming Christmas Parties?


I use to couldn’t stand having to worry about what outfit I was going to wear to the holiday parties at work. Now, I would love to have the reason to invest in a fancy holiday dress. DressFirst has many wonderful choices to choose from at reasonable prices.

I love the color light blue a lot! When I was in high school it wasn’t an overly popular color, and I had a vision of what kind of prom dress I wanted. So, I described it as best as I could and had someone make it for me.

This dress is nice, but the material of it was very stiff. I got what I wanted, but there wasn’t the flowing feeling to it like I was hoping to get.

So, I still envision the chance to wear my dream prom like dress off to some fancy event with my husband often. Of course, we don’t get dressed up often, but when we do it is an event worth shopping for. This is the true vision I had in mind for my prom dress. I still think it would be perfect to use for company Christmas parties too.

This is my second choice that I like equally as much. I think this one would be perfect for a party that is going to have some dancing involved.

I enjoyed looking for holiday/prom dresses. I keep hoping that when Zeva is old enough for it that we’ll have fun picking out her dress together, and it will be a big event. I didn’t get that with my Mom. She took me to the lady who made my dress, but she wasn’t excited about it. It wasn’t a big deal for her.

I have so many visions of what her prom and wedding event is going to be like. I look forward to helping her pick out the perfect dress, shoes, makeup, jewelry, and hair style. I think since she’s already a little fashion lover that it’s going to be loads of fun.

What is your go to place for getting event dresses?



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    • Doing this blog post made me want to get a dress for sure. I love that this site carries sizes of all kinds and their prices are really competitive too. I really long for the second dress the most!

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