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If you’re a parent, then you want nothing but the best for your children. When you become a parent you think about all the things your child is going to have in their life and who you hope they’ll become. Sometimes a parent has to think about how they are going to protect them from being harmed and also in case they end up with any life threatening diseases in their life. LifebankUSA helps parents to have that peace of mind.

“LifebankUSA offers expectant parents the unique opportunity to bank stem cells from cord blood and placenta blood. Banking placenta blood stem cells makes your cord blood collection even more powerful for the near-term and for the future.” I don’t like to think about what may possibly go wrong with my kid’s health. If I had chosen to store some of my child’s cord and placenta blood I do believe I would have more peace of mind. I feel this way because I know that technology and scientist use that information to help create cures for many illnesses.

There is a lot of controversy still over this issue, but I see far more benefits to this practice than not. Tranfers have been more successful thanks to cord blood and placenta blood banking. This cuts out the need to find a match to be willing to be a blood donor. (Not to say that blood donations aren’t significant still!)

LifebankUSA is also concerned about helping parents have peace of mind for your child’s safety in the present day. They have teamed up with Uniden Lullaboo Video Baby Monitors to offer of lucky fan the chance to win one of three of their monitors. In order to gain your entry to win, just go check out LifebankUSA’s Facebook page and enter their contest.

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