Family Friendly Movie Review: Do You Believe?

Jimmy and I had the chance to go see Do You Believe? in the movie theaters ahead of time in exchange for some honest marketing promotion. Do You Believe? is a movie that encompasses many different people’s lives that end up intertwined in ways they never would have imagined due to their faith in God.

This movie is from the creators of God’s Not Dead. Now if you remember my movie review of God’s Not Dead, then you know I am a huge fan of that movie. When we got invited to see Do You Believe? I was thrilled by the prospect of seeing another movie from Pure Flix. Especially since for me personally, I’ve enjoyed a WIDE range of their movies.

Watch this video preview of the movie:

Going Beyond Believing

This movie SHOWS you what it’s like to be a believer. It showcases how believers put their faith in God even when it seems really scary to do it. If you haven’t cut yourself off from having emotions, then this movie will move you. It will inspire you. It will make you really think about how you’re allowing God to use you. If you’re not a believer, then it will make you really think twice about how things do truly fall into place for those around you. If you read your Bible, it will put to screen what the Bible’s messages are all about.

My Review of Do You Believe?

I liked it. I wouldn’t say that I would go to the movie theater to see it. I would suggest you watch it because it is a good movie. If you don’t follow the storyline from beginning to end then you miss a lot of the details and the true impact that the movie is trying to portray. To be honest, it’s very slow and hard to stay focused on it. I’m a technology geek, and it was hard to keep my phone in my purse (yes, I do put it there for movies and for interacting with others in person!) I feel bad giving this review because the movie does have a great message to give to others that is well worth hearing. Unfortunately, I don’t see people maintaining interest long enough to hear it.

Pure Flix has produced A LOT of wonderful movies! I am glad that they are in business. I want to see them continue to produce wholesome family movies for us all to enjoy.

You can find out more information about Do You Believe? by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

I’m going to leave you with this statement…

If you claim to believe, what are you going to do about it?



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  1. Yes, I am always happy to see these kind of movies produced too and want the companies to stay in business. Great review Crystal and we will for sure keep watch for this movie to see it. Nothing better than being inspired especially these days.

  2. Wow that looks like one powerful movie that I just have to see! That trailer almost brought me to tears! Thanks so much for sharing this – I would have never known otherwise. Wonderful post-Crystal! You help spread the word of Christ and bless you for that!

    • This movie is really good. In my opinion it’s better for adults or teenagers who can understand the full impact of all of these actions.

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