Game Day Fun Ideas With Printables

Howdy Ya’ll! It’s Heather from Daily DIY Life! I’m so happy that Crystal asked me to share with you a few of the fun ways we celebrate the big game. A few quick and easy printables with game day fun ideas that will kick your Super Bowl Party off to a great start.

Game Day Fun! FREE Printables!


For the younger kids that might not be quite as interested in all the game day happenings, you can print this fun and challenging word search and scrambled word page. Don’t worry moms there is an answer sheet included so you can check the correct answers quickly.

Game Day Fun! Word Search and Scramble words FREE Printables!
Clicking the image above will open the FREE printable in a new window. Be sure to UNCHECK “fit to window” if that option is available in your print screen.

For the older kids and adults, we like to get a little more competitive when it comes time to watch the big game. A friendly and fun wager is always in the mix. This 100 square football pool is perfect for any football game throughout the season.

Game Day Fun! 100 Squares Football Pool FREE Printable!

Clicking the image above will open the FREE printable in a new window. Be sure to UNCHECK “fit to window” if that option is available in your print screen.

How to manage your 100 square football pool:
1. Print the FREE 100 square football pool page.
2. Fill in the two blank lines for each team that is playing. It does not matter which team goes on which line.
3. Have each person write their name on one of the blank white squares until the whole sheet is filled with names. You can charge a small price per square, or you can just play for fun or other non-monetary prizes (i.e., one week of household duties, one week pampering etc..)
4. Once all of your squares are filled in it’s time to draw the numbers. Place the numbers 0 – 9 in a hat (you could also use playing cards for this using the ace as 1 and the ten as 0 ). Draw the numbers one at a time and place each number as it is brought in the empty gray boxes across the top from left to right. Repeat this process again for the gray boxes going along the side of the squares.
5. Are you ready for some football? It’s time to watch the game! At the end of each quarter, record the score in the area provided. Based on the last digit of the score, match that number with the correct team. The person who’s name is in the box that matches across and up and down with the score at the end of the quarter wins. You will do this for all 4 quarters.
Here is an example: At the end of the first quarter the score is Team 1: 21 and Team 2: 14
Find the 1 across the top (team 1) and the 4 along the left side (team 2). Find where these 2 numbers meet on the 100 square football pool page. The name that is in that square is the winner for that quarter. Do this for each quarter in the game. If over time occurs, we always add that in like an extra quarter and just play it as we have for the first 4.
*This 100 square football pool is created for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. These games look fun. I try to print games up for the younger kids during the Super Bowl to keep them interested but this year our home team Carolina Panthers are in the Super Bowl so we will all be glued to the TV. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup.


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