Ladies…Here’s an Idea for YOU…


You need to consider hosting a Premier Designs party for your friends. This company is an amazing company and the jewelry is totally awesome!! All jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty. Plus you can earn LOTS of free jewelry. This can be used as Christmas gifts for your friends or yourself (90 day Christmas gift suggestion.)

I would also suggest that if you have lots of friends that you actually see on a regular bases that you consider becoming an independent agent for this company. You gain 50% profit for every dollar that you make. Plus I have not met a single person that worked for this company that wasn’t totally down right AMAZING!!! This is a Christian based company. They care more about service than they do how much money you make. You can do as little or as much as you want to do.

If you are here in SC and close to Columbia or Charleston and want an amazing representative I know many to choose from in the surrounding areas.

So, this is a win-win idea for all involved. What a better gift than to be able to hang out with your girl friends looking at amazing jewelry and also doing some Christmas shopping at the same time (which you gain a lot FREE just for hosting a party)? I don’t see how you can lose on that one.



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