Kleenex Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer-Product Review


Every good parent tends to have sanitizers with them at all times. I can remember one time when I was a young mother, but my first born was about 5 years old, I had a friend of mine ask me if I had some wipes for him to use. I told him, “no.” He replied back, “What kind of mother doesn’t carry wipes with her?” That statement has never left me. Since that time which has been about seven years now, people have started carrying around sanitizer just as much as they do wipes. Many public restrooms have them. Most restaurants now require their staff to use sanitizer after they wash their hands as well.
Since I’ve worked in the restaurant business for so long, I can say I’ve used many different types of sanitizers. This one is up there with the rest of them as being a good product to use. As you can see on my hand it squirts out a lot at one time. My mother-in-law commented that it has “a greasy feel” to it. At first I didn’t agree with her because I was focused on the positives it has. However, after several uses I started to see what she meant about it’s greasy feel.
I feel that it’s greatest strength is the fact that it doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky like other brands do after they start to dry. I also don’t feel like my hands have that “sanitizer smell” to them after it dries. So, in my book that’s a pretty big deal. I also found it doesn’t affect the way things taste if eat after using it as well.
Overall, I feel that this product rates a 4 out 5 stars. I was judging it based on: 1) feel of use upon application, 2) feel of hands after use, 3) the actual smell of the product (some of them are pretty strong smelling), 4.) how my hands smell after use, and 5.) if there is any bitter taste added to my foods if I have to use it while on a picnic per say (we tried that on our bike run the other day.)
You can add this to the basket that get for that special teacher from shoplet.com . Don’t forget to get those refillable dry erase marker kits. (I still LOVE the way those things write and comfortable they are to use!! My kids and I fight over who’s going to use them on our white board.) I would also add some white board erasers, big pink erasers for their students, recycled ballpoint pens, and a huge thank you note (handmade by your kids.) (87 Christmas Suggestion.) Can you tell I think teachers need a lot of gifts this year??? I’ve learned that so many teachers are not getting the support and funds they need to properly teach our children anymore. It royally bothers me (mainly because I spent over half my life preparing to be a teacher.)
This items I would highly recommend even if I didn’t get them free because I’m still using them to this day!!! I’ll use them till they have no life left in them.



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