Remembering My Mother

(Yes, that is me “before kids” in the red shirt.)

I wish I had kept my stuff in a more secure storage place so that I could show you better pictures of us together. This one shows her in her realm.

My kids are super excited to be able to “spoil” me today. All of their ideas though are things they would enjoy themselves. I just want to laugh at their suggestions because it reminds me so much of my Mom. My mom had the theory “buy gifts for others what you would want yourself.”

I always remember how strict my mom was first. She wanted things done her way or else. She made sure that I was always productive doing something with my time. TV was a huge luxury growing up, I got maybe two hours a week if I was lucky. I was always greeted with a HUGE “to-do list” when I got home that had to be done that day regardless of my work, school, or personal schedule.

Of course, I remember how horses were her life. She rode every chance she got.[egg id=”6″] She installed that in me as well. If I could afford to own a horse, I would definitely do it. I chose having kids though instead, and I don’t regret it for a minute. I do long to have a horse though with a passion!!! Since they were such a huge part of me growing up, I firmly believe it would help me overall to have one again.

Yet, having horses in our lives is truly what taught me so many valuable lessons in life. Having a relationship with a horse is like none other.For someone who isn’t a horse person it’s extremely hard to explain it. Until I had my own horse that mattered to me, I didn’t understand my mom at all.

My mom was a spit fire. If you made her mad, she’d go after you with a vengeance. Some say that I’m quite scary when you make me mad as well. Obviously, I’m not scary enough because my kids don’t heed my warnings at all. (Guess that shows that I still need to work on my parenting skills!)

My mom shaped me far more than I realized. In truth, I didn’t realize it until AFTER she passed away just how much! Mothers take on whatever role they have to in order to do the best they can for their kids. Many times over the kids have no idea just how much until it’s to late.

So, on this day and every other day, I hope that you’ll cherish your mother and show how much she means to you.

What do you think of when you think of your own mother?





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