Stylish And Functional Garden Furniture Ideas

Stylish And Functional Garden Furniture Ideas

If you have a patio or pool outside your home, you might understand how relaxing it can be to sit outside and lounge in these areas.  Nice pieces of patio furniture can be the perfect way to welcome you to your outdoor retreat.  Not all furniture is made from the same materials, so their style, durability, and maintenance requirements are all just a bit different.  Over the years furniture is bound to have some sort of damage, and whether it’s the formation of rust or worn out hinges you might consider doing the repair work yourself rather than paying for someone to do it for you.  If you’ve ever wondered how to repair outdoor furniture, it is actually easier than you think and can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying a comfortable spot to relax in.  Outdoor furniture can be both stylish, adding to the overall beauty of your home, and functionality.  There are lots of different materials to choose from and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Cast Aluminum Furniture

Furniture made from cast aluminum has a few virtues that make it a great choice for those in search of lawn chairs.  Aluminum is found naturally in the Earth’s crust, and it’s quite abundant.  It’s been used over the years for various industrial and engineering purposes.  Aluminum is a material that is commonly used in manufacturing components within cars as well as in rockets.  It is a great material to use for outdoor furniture because of its durability and its resistance to corrosion.  In addition to this cast aluminum is lightweight, making patio furniture a breeze to move.  If you want to rearrange the way the furniture sits on the patio you won’t have to worry about it being too heavy to do yourself.  Cast aluminum can also be quite beautiful.  During the manufacturing process, the aluminum is heated to a liquid and then poured into casts.  The casts might have intricate designs and shapes to them which the aluminum will take on.  These details can be more attractive than those found in wood or cast iron furniture.

Wicker Furniture

An outdoor living space can be beautiful with wicker furniture.  Be cautions when you buy, though because not all wickers are the same.  Finding furniture that specifically states that is all-weather is generally more durable and will stay looking nice for years to come.  There are five things that make all-weather wicker furniture a popular choice among consumers.

  1. It stays flexible and is colorfast in hot or cold weather.
  2. All-weather wicker resists UV rays.
  3. It repels water, salt, and chlorine.
  4. Wicker stays strong over the years.
  5. It’s easy to maintain.

Teak Furniture

Another popular material in outdoor furniture is teak.  Centuries ago teak was recognized as timber that was ideal for ship building.  Because it contains high levels of naturally occurring oils, teak stays strong year after year.  The oils protect it from the damaging elements of wind, sun, and rain, and as it ages it becomes more beautiful.  Teak is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space with natural beauty and elegance.

Outdoor furniture can be made from a variety of materials.  See what benefits appeal to you most and decide what furniture would best fit your needs.



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  1. I like teak the best, but I’m curious about wicker.
    Does it really hold up that well. I imagine it to be flimsy and able to break, but maybe that’s just my preconception.


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