No Home Left Behind

Yet again, the Internet!!

I opened up a website and the first thing I see is about Netflix and Comcast. Recently, Comcast announced that they want to buy Time Warner. I’m all for it, if it helps me that’s for sure. One of the things they sited for the agreement is that the coverage areas don’t overlap that much. They don’t compete in the same markets very often.

My question still remains, everybody can get up in arms having rates hiked up by Broadband suppliers, but yet am I the only voice that is still blabbing, yelling, outraged about the fact that rural America doesn’t have a decent supply of broadband for an affordable amount. Where is the competition for rural America? Everyone says you can get it, but it’s Satelite (which is totally different!) You are limited by usage so you can only do so much. If you go to wireless services, then you are given very small caps. When will I see or hear about an honest debate about spreading the broadband services to rural America?

There is a demand for better broadband in the rural areas!! There will always be a demand for things to be better. That doesn’t mean that you can forget about the people who don’t have the service. The majority of things are going Internet based, and if you don’t have the Internet in ample supply usage you’re being left behind!

There was a saying from a former president, like them or not, no child left behind. There was a big push for education good or bad. There was a debate about it and there is still a major debate about it. My call to arms is for the Internet: “No home left behind!” We are a global community. Even the rural homes are a part of the city communities. We need to have the same rights to be able to do what everybody else does if we so choose legally.

What are your thoughts on this issue? 




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    • It’s a big issue, but I’ve very little things in the way of changing our situation. I’m frustrated by it. I want to see someone take action to get the rural areas high speed unlimited Internet at a reasonable rate.

  1. My parents live in a rural area and they’ve been battling this for years. They can’t get decent internet without spending an arm AND a leg for it.

    • It’s very frustrating for us. We literally pay for two different providers because one doesn’t offer enough GB’s per month and one isn’t able to stay on all the time since the company only has one tower that they can use in our area.

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