How To Improve Yourself In 6 Simple Steps

We all want to be better versions of ourselves, but most of us just don’t know how to get there. It’s easy to fall into cycles of laziness, self-doubt, and even denial. However, there are ways you can pull yourself up and out of those counterproductive habits. First and foremost, you have to be in good health––mentally and physically–– to successfully “improve” yourself and your habits. CBDfx gummies are the perfect way to jumpstart your health and wellness goals, and they give you the perfect amount of “chill” so you don’t get bogged down by life’s daily tribulations. If you want to change a few things, you’re going to have to put in the work and demonstrate some self-discipline. We know it’s hard sometimes, but all good things require effort and consistency.

Step 1: What do you want to change?

The first step is crucial. Take a realistic look at yourself and write down the things that you would like to improve. This takes some honesty with yourself in order to do this. Are you on your phone too much? Have your eating habits taken a dive for the worst? Whatever those things are, write them down so you can look at them later.

Step 2: How can you realistically fix some of the things on your list?

Now that you have a list of habits and actions that you’d like to change, you can look into ways to “remedy” them. For instance, if you know you’re spending too much time on your phone, you can set time limits or even delete the apps that always pull you in for hours no matter what. Or, maybe it’s something more complex, like allowing toxic people to have a place in your life. You can get some self-help books, read up on some techniques to properly distance yourself, and use those techniques in real life. Books work for some people, but not for others––to each his/her own, right? Overall, this step takes some planning on your part. How will you change the habits you don’t care for? Be realistic and seek outside help if needed. It’s okay to ask for help when you need it!

Step 3: Counter those habits with goals that you’d like to achieve

So, you’ve thought long and hard about how you’re going to change x, y, and z. Now, it’s time to replace those old habits with new habits and/or goals. Goals come in all different shapes and sizes because we all hold different things at different values. One person might set the goal of reading 5 minutes a day to start, which is quite reasonable and manageable. Another person might set a goal of going outside and meeting one new person a day. While this other person aims to have a fortune 500 business in the next year. Different strokes for different folks, yeah? Just make sure you set realistic goals, so you’re not disappointed if you fall short.

Step 4: Focus on the elements in life that you can control

Have you ever got so worked up imagining what might happen? Before you know it, you’ve taken a plunge down the rabbit hole of over-analyzation, and you can’t stop yourself! Don’t do this to yourself. It’s agonizing and mentally exhausting! Instead, focus on the now. Focus on the real things that you have control over. Think about it, if you have zero control over what’s going to happen, the best you can do is keep a positive mindset and know that it will work out. Notice that I didn’t say “hope for the best”–––you have to know that all things are working out in your favor. Even if you can’t “see” them happening!

Step 5: Challenge Yourself

If you’re not challenging yourself, then you’re not growing. We all think that being “comfortable” is a good thing, but it’s quite the opposite. You should always aim to challenge yourself because when you do this, you force yourself out of that shell of comfort and grow in new and intriguing ways as a result. You can challenge yourself by learning a new language or tackling a fear or phobia. You can also challenge yourself by aiming to increase your productivity. It’s really up to you.

Step 6: Join the 5 am club

Feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day? Well, all that means is that you need to get an earlier start! Surely, you’ve heard of the 5 am club? That might just be the trendy name for it because some of the most influential people in history were early risers. Ben Franklin was an avid believer in waking up early because he had specific ideas regarding productivity. Some other early risers: Michelle & Barack Obama, Dwayne Johnson, and AOL CEO, Tim Armstrong.

Step 7: Enjoy the ride

Self-improvement is something that should never stop. You should always be looking for ways to improve yourself! Don’t stress about it, just figure it out and enjoy the process. You’ll feel good when you’re able to notice the changes that you made––all for the better!




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