How to Help Your Teething Baby’s Gums

Teething usually happens at around 6 months of age, with the two front or bottom teeth usually popping out first. It can be a messy time for both you and your baby, what with their regular drooling and crankiness… and some babies seem to want to chew on anything at this stage! Sore gums are inevitable when a baby goes through their teething, but there are a few things you can do to help make them more comfortable. If your baby seems more uncomfortable than usual, or seems to be in severe pain, make sure you take them to a doctor immediately.

Giving your baby a cold teething ring can help soothe their gums. You can also try rubbing a cool washcloth on their gums. Make sure that the items are chilled, not frozen, or you risk hurting your baby.

If your baby can eat solid food, try giving them a chilled and peeled cucumber to chew on. The temperature and the sturdiness of the cucumber can help soothe their gums, and they can break pieces of off and eat them if they want to. Make sure to supervise your baby, because the cucumber can pose a choking hazard.

Rubbing your baby’s gums can help soothe their painful gums. You can use your finger, a damp washcloth, or a piece of damp gauze to do this.

In some cases, teething may require the use of pain killers, but only if prescribed by your baby’s doctor. In this case, ensure you follow their directions to the letter, and do not exceed the doctor’s recommended dosage.





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