5 Elevated Grilled Cheese Ideas for Kids

During the summer, sometimes you just don’t want to turn your oven on to fix a meal for your family. Grilled cheeses are quick meals you can put together in almost no time at all, and they’re perfect for summer days when you need something filling and quick. Here are 5 quick grilled cheese ideas that are healthy and delicious, and your family will surely love them!

1. Spicy Sausage Grilled Cheese

To put this sandwich together, you only need a few ingredients. Slice your favourite spicy sausage into rounds, and cook through; add a sliced bell pepper and half an onion, and cook until soft. Take some grated chipotle cheddar and sprinkle one one piece of buttered bread, and then top with some of the sausage mixture. Top with another slice of buttered bread and grill like a regular grilled cheese sandwich.

2. Green Cheese Sandwich

Okay, so this sandwich isn’t actually made with green cheese, but the name is great. To make this grilled cheese, top a slice of buttered bread with basil pesto and your favourite cheese (I like provolone). Add slices of avocado and cucumber, and top with another buttered and pesto’ed bread. Prepare the grilled cheese as usual.

3. Bacon and Spinach Grilled Cheese

Prepare a grilled cheese like you normally would, but add in a few strips of cooked bacon and some spinach leaves. Grill your sandwich like you normally would.. yum!

4. Pizza Grilled Cheese

Add some cooked pepperoni slices, pizza sauce, and oregano to an uncooked grilled cheese, and then carry on as usual. You can even add some olives, jalapenos, or thinly sliced peppers to the sandwich before grilling it.

5. Grilled Cheese and Apples

Using cheddar cheese, prepare your sandwich as you normally would. Add thin slices of granny smith apples to your sandwich before grilling. This sandwich is great with slices of bacon added in, or when dipped into onion or tomato chutney!




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