8 Facts to Know About Speeding Tickets in California

Being issued a speeding ticket is a stressful experience. However, they can be fought and beaten, especially with a great California speeding ticket lawyer. The first step to avoiding and/or beating a ticket is understanding it. Here are a few facts on speeding tickets that everyone should know:


1 – They are Complicated: The cost of a speeding ticket is more complex than it may at first appear. The base fine is the face value of the ticket. There may be additional penalties and fees depending on the violation. Many tickets will also increase the cost of auto insurance significantly.

2 – The Money Can be Distributed All Over: One of the unfortunate realities of speeding tickets is that they can be big business for the government. The money you pay may be distributed to the state, county, court, emergency services and DNA fund.

3 – There’s a Lot of Them: The average traffic police officer issues $200,000 in traffic tickets every year.

4 – California is Expensive: As with many other aspects of living in California, traffic tickets are more expensive than in any other state.

5 – Insurance Premiums Add Cost: While a speeding ticket may be a few hundred dollars, the added insurance costs average $300 per year.

6 – Few People Fight Tickets: Despite the high cost of speeding tickets, only about five percent are contested in courts.

7 – The Greatest Cost is a Lost License: In some cases, speeding tickets lead to suspended licenses. This can make continuing to work challenging and become the costliest aspect of getting a ticket.

8 – Help is Available: You don’t need to deal with speeding tickets alone. Traffic lawyers can help you fight tickets and avoid many of the costlier consequences.

Fight Your Ticket

If you want to fight your speeding ticket in the LA area, you may want help. Consider the Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney professionals, The Ticket Clinic. They offer affordable and effective services for fighting speeding tickets.




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