How to Dress Casual, Elegant and Modern At 50

When it comes to going to work or having a special event, you are always more limited to certain clothing you can wear. All women like to be beautiful, elegant and give a good image, and many times, you might fall into the classic chino pants + shirt + blazer. That is why some women are bored with their attire. These days, women are taken out of their comfort zone and propose a different look with which they believe are limited options. However, you can change the white shirt for a high-neck sweater in a solid color, or you can wear one of the fashionable dresses available online!

Stay Fashionable

Never get older than you are, the fifties is still synonymous with joviality, style, and taste. Don’t give up on fashion, ever! The prints and color will always be a perfect ally at any age and in any outfit. You just have to measure and balance quantity and position. Jeans, dresses, and skirts can be switched out from one day to the next. There is no garment you can’t have in your wardrobe. It all depends on your personal taste and body type. You know yourself well and self-confidence is your best weapon. Therefore, you should choose the best kind of garment and continue enjoying all the pieces that the textile market offers you.

Making Changes to Your Look

Add some paper bag pants that will magically emphasize your legs, and a checked blazer or some kind of discreet print that matches the look. Choose the classic black stilettos and you will have a set with which you will have double emphasis, and with which you will give an elegant, formal, and sophisticated image. This is ideal for work and for any event! If you are one of those who can’t stand stilettos because of the type of heel, but you don’t want to give up styling your figure, even more, granny shoes that have a more comfortable heel will be your best ally to withstand even the busiest days.

Style and Comfort

If you consider something essential at this age of fifty, it is all about comfort and having discovered that it is not only about looking stylish. Loose garments, pleasant fabrics, and quality are the three pillars on which you should rely to create successful looks with which you will feel fantastic. It is suggested that you opt for a dress with a geometric print. In addition, you should combine it with white linen pants, essential for the spring-summer, and be sure to include a chocolate-colored belt. Remember the importance of color in all your looks. Brown will perfectly match a navy blue of the dress creating an ideal harmony!


In addition, to have the perfect look and give it a jovial touch, you should opt for some camel-colored ankle boots. However, do not take it as the only valid option, and if you are more of white sneakers, don’t hesitate in wearing them because they are also a very good option!



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