Elevations RTC Students Experiencing New Opportunities

Going to a residential treatment center is the perfect way for teenagers to get back on track and leave the past behind them. While most residential treatment centers will boast of great education and outstanding facilities, the best ones also go beyond that. As one example, Elevations RTC, located in the greater Salt Lake City area, uses location as an advantage that many others simply can’t compete with.

In particular, just a short trip from campus are mountain ranges perfect for snow-related activities like skiing and snowboarding. On the weekends, students have the opportunity to have getaway outings in locations that many have only seen pictures of in the past. Besides the obvious beauty of the snowy mountains in Utah, what else makes these trips a truly stand-out feature?

Stepping away from campus

For as much time and effort that Elevations put into the campus, there is something about getting away occasionally and stepping outside the bubble. Students spend the vast majority of time on campus, and it can sometimes get monotonous despite all of the activities they offer.

Going to the mountains and enjoying the snow, trails, lakes, etc, offers a different perspective and activities that students are not used to one bit. For some, just getting away can make a big difference, as it can take their mind off of things that can start to build up on campus. For others, stepping away from campus lets them remember that Elevations’ greater goal is having students come out a better overall person. Getting a chance to see and even interact with others while not on campus is a little different from the typical daily experience many have.

Experiencing something new

Some students at Elevations RTC have never seen snow before. in their life. Even fewer have seen snow quite like the mountains in Utah. Experiencing something new is a lot of what residential treatment centers are all about. Everyone focuses so much on the actual education of the program, and that is crucial. Just as important is seeing the differences in the world, and the snowy mountains bring a different type of perspective altogether.

Not only do students get the chance to stay active in a fun way, but this might be the only time they spend in a mountainous area in their life. Students can bond over this unique experience, staying warm while also enjoying some of the surprises of a weekend away from campus.

Strengthening bonds with peers

Elevations has a rolling enrollment with new students joining the group at different times during the year. Meeting new peers can be intimidating, even if every student is working towards their own goals to get back on track. One of the best ways to develop strong relationships with peers comes outside of the classroom, exploring hobbies and shared interests. This is where those weekend trips can really shine.

Not everyone is going to love taking trips to the snowy mountains. However, those students who do can create strong relationships with others who have similar interests. Whether it is skiing, snowboarding, or just taking in the entire atmosphere, these trips usually end up being one of the most memorable times at Elevations RTC for a lot of students.

Those who end up not liking these trips will have their own opportunities to bond with peers in other ways. The plethora of campus activities (and in surrounding areas) for students is a huge selling point for the residential treatment center. Students inevitably start to gravitate towards those with similar interests.

Opportunities throughout the year

With the unique location of Elevations RTC, there are trips to the mountains during most of the year. Even when the temperature starts to warm up, the peaks stay cold, and there are getaway opportunities just the same. They are most popular in the winter months, but students have plenty of opportunities to try things out throughout the year.

Off-campus activities happen every weekend and students are supported to engage consistently. There are also different themes to the getaways so that it never becomes monotonous.

Boosts the mood

All staff realizes that each individual’s mood is boosted when students get back to campus due to the trip. Since the students who are going on these trips enjoy the outdoors and get out to exercise, they will maximize the production of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are a great way to create feelings of relief and happiness when doing any activity. It is the main reason why students are so encouraged to pick what they enjoy most on campus instead of settling for what everyone else seems to want to do most.

Other benefits to getting outside include that extra boost of Vitamin D for the body and breathing in the fresh thin air. No person should ever gloss over the importance of being in a better general mood.

A hidden selling point

Families might not pick Elevations RTC because of the mountains, but those students who enjoy them can’t stop talking about these unique experiences. It is hard to describe without an actual outing perfectly, but it is much different from the day-to-day activities on campus. Many graduates consider it a true hidden selling point more should know about before enrolling at Elevations RTC, as it makes that much of a lasting impression.




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