How Can I Make This Christmas Unforgettable?

With each passing year, your family can grow and change. Christmas can be a wonderful time to get the whole family back together again, from adult children who’ve flown the nest to other family members who live far away. You can even use this time to make new memories with your children who still live at home. While Christmas can be fun, some people might soon forget the festivities. Due to this, you may want to consider how you can inject more magic into the day and make this holiday season unforgettable.

Looking at gifts for kids from Wicked Uncle can give you a wide range of choices. While your children may ask for the same items as their peers, these could be cast to the side and ultimately forgotten over time. Although you may want to purchase some items on their wish list, you may also want to look at more unusual options.

These could be items that will last for several years, help them gain a skill, can be used to decorate their room, or even allow them to engage in more time outdoors. One example could be a bike or scooter, which can be adjusted for height as they grow but will keep them away from screens and allow them to spend more time socializing and staying active.

Staying on the theme of getting out and about, you may also want to find ways to get your family out of the house on Christmas Day. While this may be difficult, especially if you have a meal and activities planned, it can give you more quality time together. You could choose to go to a Christmas event, but there are also other free activities you could choose to keep the cost down.

Going for a simple walk around the town to look at the different Christmas light displays near you can be one option. For those who live in a more rural community, you could take a walk in forests or fields, so long as they are accessible for everyone.

As you drive around your neighborhood, gazing up at the twinkling lights and inflatables on front porches, don’t underestimate your own ability to create that same magic for others. After all, it doesn’t take much to put together a dazzling display – just some strings of light and inflatables! This winter season, inflate a cheerful snowman with a Santa hat or adorn your front porch with an inflatable gingerbread man, that can be of the size and shape you imagine. Create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort that will delight passersby and make them feel truly in the spirit of the season. 

You may also want to bring more magic into your home, especially for younger children. When your kids have gone to bed, and you are sorting out their stockings from Santa, there are other things you could change within the house to keep that magic alive. If your children leave a snack and a drink out, you may want to make sure that there are crumbs on the plate or counter and that the cup is emptied, rather than simply cleaning it up. Creating your own Santa boot prints around the house can also be quite thrilling for the kids, and simple for you to create and then clean up.

Making a memorable Christmas doesn’t need to involve a higher budget. Instead, it can be about finding ways to keep the magic alive and to spend more quality time together as a family.



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