How Quickly They Grow…

Zeva is only four months old and already showing her true colors. She has started eating baby food now, and let me tell you she’s trying like crazy to conquer eating it. She’s making a royal mess, but that is to be expected and honestly part of the fun. 🙂

“What are you getting ready to do??”

“Okay, now I’m really starting to wonder.”

“Help me get this stuff off my face, please.”

“Oh no you don’t, I’m not interested in having more of that stuff put in my mouth.”

Needless to say the first feeding was eventful yesterday. Then this morning she was chasing the spoon with her mouth WIDE open. She ate her full jar of bananas today (not all in one sitting!!) She even tried to feed herself with her own bottle. When the bananas were dripping down her chin, she was pushing it back in her mouth with her hands.

Then later on today, she didn’t want to be held already. She wanted to be in her playpen and roam around and play with her many toys. She’s showing her true colors and is full of so much personality.

Peppermint is pregnant, and we told Delbert that he could have his pick of the litter when they are born. Now he’s protecting Peppermint like he did me when I was pregnant with Zeva. We think Peppermint is going to have 5-6 puppies. I can’t believe she is old enough to have puppies already. It feels like just yesterday when I picked her up in my arms and gave Del my own version of the puppy dog look, and she came home at 7 weeks old. I’m just praying she has a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Peppermint is one of my kids through and through!! She will be getting spayed after she has these puppies for sure!!!!

Delbert is already doing his pre-school work and enjoying it even though he doesn’t take critism to well. However, he’ll gain a stronger skin over time. 🙂

Jimmy took forever to do what he was suppose to do today, but he did it. I just wish he’d gain some speed. He has his moods and they drive me nuts. He’ll get over it soon enough.




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