Homeschool Recommended Reading List For All Grade Levels

Reading is the one subject that has always been a huge struggle in our home. Although we love it with a passion, teaching the kids to read  wasn’t necessarily the easiest task to undertake. I know one thing that has truly helped us a lot is having our local librarian suggesting plenty of books worth reading for each reading level the kids were at in life. I’m so thankful we have those lovely ladies to help us.

Homeschool Recommended Reading list for all grade levels from Kindergarten through twelfth grade.

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I decided to share this ultimate homeschool recommended reading list for all grade levels with you. I hope these lists help your family as much as they have helped ours. I’m going to break them down into different posts for easier tracking. My goal is to give you, at least, one book a day to read with your child for a month.

Please note,  some of these books you may not feel are approriate for your kids to read. It truly depends on your beliefs and the level of your children’s maturity. Right now these are the trending books.

To get to the lists for each section of grades click on the next number at the bottom of this post below the Author’s Box. You can also click on the grade levels that interest you. 

Grades K-2 

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8 

Grades 9-12



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