Homemade Dollar Store Christmas Tree Christmas Craft

When I was growing up crafts was a big deal. We made all kinds of different crafts for Christmas decorations. It was a lot of fun to make Christmas crafts and I can remember being proud of all of the things we made together. I love being able to pass on these traditions with my grand kids. I hope you’ll enjoy making them with your kids and grand kids too. This simple Christmas craft for kids to make and it is very cheap to make. I got most of my supplies at Dollar Tree and Fred’s. Cheap isn’t always necessarily bad! I love to save money when I can!


Homemade Dollar Store Christmas Tree
Recipe Type: Christmas Craft
Author: Granny Lee
This is a simple Christmas craft to do for the holidays.
  • foam board
  • light green felt paper
  • dark green felt paper
  • little ornaments (we choose bows and little drums)
  • little bows for wrapping little presents
  • wrapping paper
  • piece of string
  • glue gun and sticks
  • tape
  • scrap boxes to cut up for gifts
  • Brown construction paper.
  1. Take 3 sheets of light green felt paper and then turn them into 21 strips. (Cut vertically.)
  2. Take those strips and turn them into circles.
  3. Then cut the foam board into an 18 inch board.
  4. Take the dark sheets of felt paper and cover the white board.
  5. Then take the circles and lay them out to make a tree. (one circle, then two circles, then three circles, etc.)
  6. Then glue decorations in each circle.
  7. Then glue bows on the tree on the circles to your hearts desire.
  8. Then roll up the brown construction paper and make a tree trunk.
  9. Then you cut up your scrap boxes and then you wrap them and put the bows on it.

I hope you like this simple craft. It’s a lot of fun to make and many people like looking at it.

What is your favorite Christmas craft to make? 




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  3. This is very cute! If you are interested in linking up, feel free to drop your link on my Christmas Link up party. This is such a fun idea. It would be perfect if you’re spending the holidays in a hotel, have limited space, or even just limited money. Such a great idea.


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