JORD Wood Watch $120 E Gift Certificate Giveaway

I personally can’t say that I own one of these watches. However, I can say that MANY and I mean many of my blogging friends do. They ALL LOVE theirs. I personally couldn’t find one that appealed to me enough to want to start wearing a watch again. (I don’t typically wear them.) Despite my lack of desire to own one of these beautifully well made watches, I didn’t want you to miss out on a chance to own one.

Check out this video review:

Enter to Win $120 JORD Wood Watch Gift Certificate


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4 comments on “JORD Wood Watch $120 E Gift Certificate Giveaway”

  1. This newly single working mama of 3 would LOVE to have a watch as FANTASTIC AS this.. it would be such a great Treat for myself before the end of 2015! MY eyes, arms, fingers, and toes are crossed 🙂

  2. Mother raising two lovely girls and caring for my grandmother also single and totally agree with nicol what better way then to treat yourself. Good luck everyone and thabks for the chance

  3. I’ve been seeing these watches for a few years now. They are very pretty and I love the variety to choose from. I’ve been wanting one for my dad. I think it would look great for him to wear to work but would also be a piece that can be worn with anything.

  4. Hello Crystal, the Jord wooden watch is really great, so thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I am late for this giveaway, but are you planning to do another one for the same watch? I would be interested. Thanks in advance!


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