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The SITS Girls have given us some writing prompts for post ideas for the month of July. We thought it would be fun to give them a try. After all, we’re all about sharing simply sharing our life with you. I hope you enjoy going a long for the ride this month with us. You can check out the rest of them under the SITSGirls prompts section of the blog.

The Question

“Who do you consider a hero?”

The Answer

My answer would have to be Einstein and Benjamin Franklin. These two men are my heroes because they have both went to great extremes to prove their inventions were worth doing. When they believed in something they latched onto it and went to full extremes to prove or disprove it.

I have always been of the same type of mindset in many ways. When I know I’m right, it takes a lot to prove to me that I’m wrong.

Crystal and I have debates on many things just to have the debates. In fact, when we were dating we would be in the middle of a heated debate and her friends would think we were fighting. We’d both bust out laughing and reassure her friends we weren’t fighting, but rather having a heated discussion. Of course, her friends would express that they would hate to see us fight. They were right to feel that way because when we do fight it’s combustible to say the least.

I believe in the power of standing behind what you believe in even if everyone else is totally against your beliefs. That saying, “you stand for something or you fall for everything” holds a lot of value in my book.

I also believe that we are the only ones who can really determine what our lives are going to be like. I’ve told Crystal many years ago that she needed to quit pleasing others and spend more time pursuing what she wanted out of her life. I believe she’s finally starting to listen to that advice a bit more, but I hope that she will pursue her passions more with each passing day.

Who is your hero in your life? How do they inspire you? 




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Hi, I'm Dale. Some of the things I like to do are box, lift weights, and spend time with my beautiful wife Crystal. I also enjoy watching shows on Netflix or playing video games with my son when I can find some free time.

4 comments on “My Heroes”

  1. Until recently I couldn’t really say who my hero is. However, on March 6th my oldest daughters were in a very serious car accident, landing them both in the ICU. My younger of the 2, 16 year old Jaid, was airlifted. She received a traumatic brain injury, many fractures and internal injuries, and was in a coma for 10 days. We just met with the firefighters that were first on the scene last night, it was called in as a fatality because she wasn’t breathing and had no heart beat. God breathed life into her and healed her many injuries to a great extent while she was in the coma. All told she was in first the ICU then an acute care facility for 5 weeks. Upon coming home she has had tons of testing evaluations, and therapy appointments as well as tutoring to catch back up a school. A normal week is 6 appointments. Throughout all of this my beautiful daughter has maintained her sense of humor and her unbelievable strength. God has worked amazing miracles in her and has big plans for her. I’m so thankful each and every day that she’s here. I’m so thankful that she’s already almost back to 100%. I know God is the one that’s done that, but her attitude is amazing. For that and for her willingness to work so hard and do whatever it takes to get better, my daughter is my hero.

    • This is such a touching comment. I can see why your daughter has become your hero. That’s quite a testament to the great person she’s become. I’m so glad to hear she’s doing well.

  2. I would say my heroes are typically people who sacrificed their own safety to save another’s life/lives. Irena Sendler and Corrie Ten Boom are two who come to mind.


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