Get Wrapped Up For The Holidays With Jamberry Nails!

This holiday season, whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas that you love the most, deck out your nails with the newest Jamberry Nails wrap designs! With all of the hustle and bustle of party planning, shopping, baking, and house cleaning, no one has time to go to a salon to have their nails done. With Jamberry Nails, the salon is at your home whenever you want it!

If you haven’t heard of Jamberry before, let’s go over some basics. The application process is easy and uses inexpensive nail care products you probably already own (cuticle pusher, clippers, nail scissors, a blow dryer, alcohol prep pads). The “magic” of Jamberry Nails is the heat and pressure activated adhesive. This allows the vinyl wrap to “stick” to your nails (and bonus! Jamberry nail wraps DO work on acrylic and gel nails!). If you want to see the application process video and see how easy it is, you can watch it here: .

Now that you know what Jamberry is, let’s talk about the best part – the designs!

With Thanksgiving coming up, you can either go with a more subtle look or you can have fun with it and be festive:


I forgot to mention! See those little turkey wraps? Those are from the Jamberry Juniors line – perfectly sized wraps for little girls!

After Thanksgiving it’s time to switch holiday gears and get ready for jingle bells and Santa hats!

Attending a company Christmas party? Again, go for a subtle look or be festive and fun:

See how easy it is to match Jamberry to the occasion, the season, your outfit, your style? The catalog features over 250 designs, including hobbies, solid colors, and collegiate.

Not sure if wraps are your thing? Jamberry has lacquers! You can wear them alone or you can pair them with accent nail wraps OR our clear wraps that let you create your own design.


Jamberry can be a great gift to give any woman or young girl on your gift list this year.Whether their trendy and into bright colors, or modest and professional, there is a wrap for them! A sheet of wraps and an application kit is less than $30 (USD), or you can take advantage of the Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer and get FOUR sheets of wraps to use as stocking stuffers or office gifts! The possibilities and price points are endless, so be sure to check out Jamberry. You can also check out Crystal’s review of them too. If you want your own free sample click—-> HERE.

Who in your life would you like to give Jamberry nails too? 



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8 comments on “Get Wrapped Up For The Holidays With Jamberry Nails!”

  1. so so cute! I have not tried them yet, but I love the ease and variety they offer. The wraps are on my wish list for sure. Thanks for giving me the push I needed to try them out.

    • Thank you! Please let me know if you need any help if you do purchase! There are a LOT of styles to choose from, so it’s always fun to pick a couple that you can mix and match and really create your own look versus all 10 nails the same.

  2. My niece sells these on the side and went to her first party and got to try them out and got a sheet for my own. They are amazing, the wraps last longer then nailpolish, and they have so many great designs it is hard to choose just one.

    • Just think, I only shared a FRACTION of the styles that are available! There truly is something for everyon!

  3. Who would I give them to? umm, myself! These are great! I haven’t had my nails done in years and though I do them at home from time to time, these would look so much better– really great for the holidays, too

  4. I don’t have nice nails, (I need to grow them a little longer), but Jamberry does have such nice designs! I can see how they would be a great Christmas present.


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