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I was given the chance to review Jamberry Nails in exchange for an honest blog review. That in no way shaped my opinion of this product.

Jamberry Nails is a new kind of nail art. It is not a polish or an acrylic nail. Instead, it’s a strong sturdy type of sticker for your nails. I had read a fellow bloggers review and that is what got me interested in them to start with. Her review drew me into the Jamberry mix.

I got my set to check, and couldn’t wait to put them on. I had all three of my kids trying to figure out a way to help me with putting them on. They were excited over the idea of Mommy putting stickers on my fingers. I felt like a teenager putting them on.

I even went so far as to ask my niece if she had ever heard of them before. To my surprise she had never even heard of Jamberry Nails. I was actually appalled that as cool as they were that she had not had the pleasure of using them herself. She thought they were pretty neat once she saw them in person.

Jamberry Nails come in many designs. They have so many designs that it really is hard to decide which one I wanted the most. I literally have so many designs on my wish list it’s not even funny. So, I let my representative pick one for me. She must have figured I liked the beach since I live in SC because she choose the one with the palm trees on it. (I’m not complaining because it is perfect for the summer.)

Jamberry Nails are not overly easy to put on. They come in a set of 18 nails. One set can be applied between two to three applications. It depends on how well of a job you do with application.

For me personally, I actually had a hard time with application. That could have something to do with the fact that my left middle finger is basically of no use to me for most things. Once I did successfully get them on, you can still see that they are stickers. However, in the defense of these nails (I seem to be the only one that has that issue with the end results.)

Once these Jamberry Nails are on your hands they stay on for several weeks. I literally did everything with them on my nails and they didn’t come off or even budge. When I use nail polish it chips off within a week and looks darn right terrible. When I get my nails done in a nice pretty French manicure, they last for a long time too, BUT my nails don’t function like nails normally do. Plus if they pop off for any reason, it HURTS like crazy! Plus my pinkie finger on my left hand is permanently damaged from my last French Manicure comingoff of it without warning.

There is a headache involved with getting Jamberry Nails on yourself, but they last and work wonders. I love the way my nails look with them on. I love the various design options that are available. Each set costs $15.00 a set, but that is still cheaper than a French manicure. I do recommend them!

If you are interested in getting some Jamberry Nails yourself, you can gain a free sample by going to Urban Mom to get them. I do honestly think you’ll fall in love with them. If it wasn’t for my middle left finger issue, I do believe they would look totally amazing on me. Despite my handy cap and them not being 100% on right they lasted!

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  1. Hi Crystal! I have heard and seen a lot about Jamberry Nails lately but wasn’t too sure about peel and stick naails. Still, these look pretty great and like they could last a bit longer than I may have expected. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I had never heard of these before but I LOVE them!! My tween-age daughter would ADORE this. I am definitely picking these up! They look great! I can’t wait to check out all their designs! Thanks, Crystal!! I love learning about new things!! –Lisa

  3. I have never heard of the before but they look cool! Plus none of the harsh chemicals of fake nails and manicures.


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