Gain the Most Bang in Insurance for Your Buck

As we head into the Fourth of July events, I am reminded of an amount of car accidents that take place on the 4th due to so many unforeseen events. As a means of providing a gentle reminder, I teamed up with to give you some reminders on how to gain the most bang in insurance for your buck. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to have more money to spend on creating lasting memories with my family during the holiday season versus spending it all on insurance.

Unfortunately, insurance is something we all have to have! It protects us and our fellow drivers on the road. I personally look for as many discounts as I can find.  I start with doing my comparison shopping at I choose to use their services because they have nothing to gain from providing me quotes within a few seconds. They currently work with over 50 insurance carriers. The rates they give us are actual quotes I can bank on spending to get on a new plan. What’s more is they can provide me quotes on more than just insurance. They offer quotes on home insurance, motorcycle insurance, hotel rates and more.

6 Tips for Saving On Cost of Insurance

My mom was a stickler for finding a good deal when I got my license to drive. Since we lived in a small town, our insurance agent treated us like a friend rather than another customer. I felt like I was being interviewed for a job position because he hunted down every discount he could give us. I hope you’ll be sure to ask your insurance company if these discounts have been added to your account.

High Mileage – If you’re driving a vehicle with higher mileage than what should be on it then you automatically get a discount. (This also applies to paying your state taxes too.)

Student Discount – If you’re currently a student in school, some insurance companies provide you a discount just for being a student. Other insurance companies require you to maintain a nice GPA to get it. These discounts can be well worth the effort to maintain high GPA averages!

Military Discount – Most people already know about this one, but I still felt I needed to mention it because some insurance agents will not cover this aspect just because they want the higher commission.

Club Organizations – There is a LONG and I mean a LONG list of different organizations that have affiliations with insurance companies to ensure their members are given a discounted rate. If you’re a member of any club be sure you bring your membership card when you get your quote.

Employer Discount – Just like the club membership, certain employers have affiliations too. I’d check with your employer to see which insurance companies they work with. If they aren’t working with any suggest that they contact an insurance agency you want to acquire insurance from.

Good Driving Record – This is one is pretty obvious to veteran drivers, but I put this in there in case there are any new drivers reading this. If you maintain a good driving record then depending on which insurance company you choose to use, you very well may receive a check BACK from them as their way of showing their appreciation. If they don’t provide you with a check, they will at the very least decrease your rate for your renewal period.

I hope these tips helped you gain the most bang in insurance for your buck. I’m sure there is a lot more that I forgot since I’m just remembering this from when I got insurance last. (I’ve been a loyal customer to my insurance company for almost five years now.)

What other discounts did I forget to mention?




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  1. I can’t think of any discounts you missed. We were with a company for many, many years and finally switched with much lower payments so I pays to shop around for sure.


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