All Creatures Big and Small Movie Review

I love kids movies! I don’t know who loves them more the kids or me. All Creatures Big and Small is a cute animated movie that shares the story of the Noah’s Ark, but with a twist.

From the Press

Join the animal kingdom on the journey of a lifetime with the exclusive debut of All Creatures Big and Small on Google Play. Featuring the voice talents of Martin Sheen and Amy Grant, and distributed by Entertainment One (eOne), All Creatures Big and Small is a family-friendly, feature-length adventure that reimagines the epic tale of Noah’s Ark.  Just in time for the long holiday weekend,  All Creatures Big and Small will be available for free for a limited time on Google Play starting July 1.

In All Creatures Big and Smalla clumsy new species of Nestrians, led by patriarch Dave and son Finny, find themselves left off the list of animals allowed to board Noah’s Ark. With rough waters ahead, the father-son duo scrambles in disguise to sneak onto the boat. Caught up in all the excitement, Finny accidentally steps off the boat and gets left behind leaving him and a few new friends to embark on an incredible and harrowing journey to reunite with their family. With the aid of creatures big and small, Dave must turn the Ark around to save his son in this heartwarming adventure of biblical proportions.
The release of All Creatures Big and Small coincides with the launch of Google Play’s new family-friendly discovery experience that is designed to help parents find apps, games, movies & TV shows and books that are appropriate for their kids.

Our Review

This movie captured my kids attention to the point that they didn’t say a peep while they were watching it. They became completely engrossed in the movie. The characters were so adorable that I couldn’t look away. The storyline was endearing. It’s a story of friendship and endurance. I highly recommend any family to watch it!

From now until July 28th, you can watch it for free on Google Play. I’d make plans to watch it together. You can also get this cute coloring page for your kids to color by clicking —> HERE.

Doesn’t this look like a good movie to you? 




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